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Nandita Talukder Munna

Nandita Talukder Munna

Graduate Student

High Energy Physics


B.Sc. University of Chittagong (2019)

M.S. University of Chittagong (2022)


I'm a first year graduate student pursuing my doctoral degree at Homer L. Dodge Department of Physics and Astronomy in University of Oklahoma. I've done my previous research work in nuclear physics. Now, want to conduct research in high energy physics as I'm very interested in subatomic particle. My thesis work was entitled " FORM-SORM and Monte Carlo Simulation Approach for Estimation of Fuel Failure Probability of TRIGA Core." Our main aim of the research work was to develop a mathodology in Probabilistic risk assessment that opens up a way for further research in reactor thermal hydraulic harateristics and will be absolutely helpful for the safe operation of nuclear reactor.

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