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Nickalas Reynolds Tran

Nickalas Reynolds Tran

Graduate Student

Astrophysics & Cosmology

A photo of Nickalas Reynolds Tran.



Office: NH 207

Advisor: Nathan Kaib, John Tobin





B.S. Clemson University (2016)

M.S. University of Oklahoma (2021)


While our sun is a single star system with 1% solar mass of surrounding material that forms our planets, more than half of all stars in the universe form in multiples (2+ stars). I seek to understand the mechanism by which these systems form and what are the consequences/signatures of these various pathways on the surrounding material. My research uses NIR/MIR and radio facilities such as the Chile ALMA 16km inteferometer, New Mexico VLA 36km Interferometer, Spanish IRAM 30m telescope, Apache Pointe Observatory 3m, the Arizona ARO 12m telescope, and the new JWST. I focus my observations in the Perseus and Orion molecular clouds, the nearby star forming regions inside of the Milky Way galaxy. We analyze the dust continuum and molecular line kinematics to paint a complete picture of each system and utilize state-of-the-art codes/systems like the supercomputer OSCER, emcee/dynesty (Bayesian inference samplers), and RADMC3D (radiative transfer modeling).

On the side, I like code development and science outreach. Dr Tobin and I built the 3meter radio telescope on Nielsen Hall to assist with classroom instruction (check my website for instruction books and get in touch to use the telescope). I maintain the telescopes for the classrooms and Lunar Sooners on Nielsen Hall, Lin Hall, and the old observatory.