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Sreehari Puthan Purayil

Sreehari Puthan Purayil

Graduate Student

Condensed Matter Physics

A photo of Sreehari Puthan Purayil.



Office: LH 207

Advisor: Thirumalai Venkatesan


I have been working in experimental condensed matter physics from the beginning. I have done my MSc project on magnetic properties of rare-earth compounds. During my M Tech, I have developed an interest towards micro and nanoscale structures and their properties. Characterization of the thermo-physical properties of One- dimensional conductive and nonconductive microscale wires using a transient electro-thermal technique was something I have worked during that period .Synthesis of compounds such as Superconductor (YBCO), Semiconductor (InSb) and Piezoelectric (PZT) through Solid State process, super ionic conductor (Silver Iodide) by chemical synthesis & Carbon Nano Dots through Hydrothermal synthesis were few of the experimental techniques that I was able to work with.

At OU, I am currently working on a thinfilim deposition technique called Pulsed laser deposition and we are incorporating some of the advanced characterization techniques such as RHEED(Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction) and LAXS(Low-Angle X-Ray Spectroscopy) using which we can controllably synthesis layers of atomic thickness. This will help us preserve the composition and even multicomponent materials can be deposited with ease.


B.Sc. Government Arts and Science College, Calicut. (2014)

M.Sc. Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay (2017)

M.Tech. Indian Institute of Technology - Madras (2019)