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Thomas C. Gehrman Jr.

Thomas C. Gehrman Jr.

Graduate Student

Astrophysics & Cosmology
High Energy Particle Physics

A photo of Thomas C. Gehrman Jr.



Office: NH 365

Advisor: Kuver Sinha




B.S. University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (2016)

M.S. Minnesota State University (2019)


My research area focuses on astroparticle physics, gravitational waves (GW), and the early universe.

My current projects focus on high frequency stochastic GWs produced in the early universe from different sources, e.g. scalar perturbations induced during the formation of light primordial black holes (PBHs). Such PBHs will Hawking evaporate to different particles, e.g. the Standard Model and a dark matter particle that is coupled through gravity only, or a new particle with CP- and B-number violating couplings that is responsible for baryogenesis. One thus has an interplay between MHz-GHz GWs, dark matter physics, and baryogenesis.

I am also exploring how the properties of astrophysical systems like stars or compact objects would change by either environmental interaction with dark matter or by producing new particles from their core.

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