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Group Photo Archive

Group Photo Archive

This is a collection of our departmental group photos, organized by start of traditional academic year, from most recent to oldest. Use the dropdown menu below to navigate quickly to a particular decade.

Those photos marked as such were scanned and sent to us by Tom Miller from Richard Fowler's book on the history of the department ("Late Start, Fast Finish: Gaining Respect for Physics on the Great Plains", Hooper Printing Co., 1991).

Have an old group photo?


If you have a photo from any of our missing years, we would like to add it to our archive. Take a look at our Contact page and get in touch!

2020 - 2024

2023-2024 group photo in color.

2023 - 2024

2010 - 2019

2017-2018 group photo in color.

2017 - 2018

2016-2017 group photo in color.

2016 - 2017

2015-2016 group photo in color.

2015 - 2016

2014-2015 group photo in color.

2014 - 2015

2013-2014 group photo in color.

2013 - 2014

2012-2013 group photo in color.

2012 - 2013

2011-2012 group photo in color.

2011 - 2012

2010-2011 group photo in color.

2010 - 2011

2000 - 2009

2009-2010 group photo in color.

2009 - 2010

2008-2009 group photo in color.

2008 - 2009

2007-2008 group photo in color.

2007 - 2008

2006-2007 group photo in color.

2006 - 2007

2005-2006 group photo in color.

2005 - 2006

2004-2005 group photo in color.

2004 - 2005

2003-2004 group photo in color.

2003 - 2004

2002-2003 group photo in color.

2002 - 2003

2001-2002 group photo in color.

2001 - 2002

2000-2001 group photo in color.

2000 - 2001

1990 - 1999

1999-2000 group photo in color.

1999 - 2000

1998-1999 group photo in color.

1998 - 1999

1997-1998 group photo in color.

1997 - 1998

1994-1995 group photo in color.

1994 - 1995

1980 - 1989

1989-1990 group photo in black and white. Text under photo: "[First line] Plate XII (May 1990), [Second line] Trail, Gawne, Ryan, Mason, Baron, Furneaux. [Third line] Parker, Ellis, Kalbfleisch, Cowan, Simmons, Kantowski, Liu. [Fourth line] Guiterrez, [Fifth line] Bu, Tidrow, Watson, Kaplan, Doezema, Kuehler, Petry, S. Broka. [Sixth line] Liu, Christie, Skubic, O'Halloran, Herczeg, Milton, Romanishin. [Seventh line] Maganty, Tidrow, Elza, Stout, Buell, See, Vaughan, Henry."

1989 - 1990

1987-1988 group photo in color. Text under photo: "[First line] ROW 4: Feldt, Roberts, Littell, Ryan, Young, Henry, G. Scott, Leivo. [Second line] ROW 3: McCullough, Cho, Jeffry, Doezema, Fischbeck, Herczeg, Cohn. [Third line] ROW 2: Ellis, Christie, Branch, Morrison, Saha, Huffaker, Kantowski. [Fourth line] ROW 1: Stout, Watson, (Allison) Miller, St. John, Willis."

1987 - 1988

1970 - 1979

1978-1979 group photo in black and white. Text under photo: "[First line] Fowler, Cohn, Scott, Rhymes, Ryan, Kloepping, Bourassa, Whitmore, Broersma, [Second line] Branch, Mach, Fischbeck, Paske, L. Steph, N. Steph, Twist, Tran, [Third line] Brady, Hemmati, Sage, Osborne, Herczeg, Miller, Littell, [Fourth line] Golden, Handley, Fannin, Wan, MAY 1979."

1978 - 1979

1976-1977 group photo in sepia. Text under photo: "[First line] May 1977, Ramsey, Scott, Porter, Rhymes, Feldt, Bourassa, Sutton, Whitmore, Cohn, [Second line] Kantowski, Atkinson, Haddad, Branch, Bonnell, Shay, Petry, Bettis, [Third line] Dwivedi, Behinaein, Steph, Chincarini, Huffaker, Golden, Renfro, Fischbeck, Babb, Fallgatter, [Fourth line] Deerinwater, Simmons, Bradford, St. John."

1976 - 1977

1975-1976 group photo in black and white. Text under photo: "May 1976, [First line] Broersma, Porter, Howard, Scott, Whitmore, Bourassa, Shay, Fowler, [Second line] Bardin, Golden, Petry, Sutcliffe, Branton, [Third line] Stermer, Herczeg, St. John, Twist, Dwivedi, [Fourth line] Gilbert, Deerinwater, Lindsey, Sparkman, Golden, [Fifth line] Bettis, Feldt, Branch, Stephenson, Rousey."

1975 - 1976

1974-1975 group photo in black and white. Text under photo: "[First line] Dwivedi, Steph, Broersma, McCarter, Shay, Potter, Whitmore, Yang, Fowler, [Second line] Howard, Chincarini, Huffaker, Kantowski, Feldt, Bardin, Cohn, [Third line] Ricker, Nielsen, Herczeg, Adams, Misra, Dudenhoeffer, [Fourth line] Scott, Powell, Babb, St. John, Stokes, Stermer, [Fifth line] April 1975, Fallgatter, Pointer, Cowper, Archer."

1974 - 1975

1973-1974 group photo in black and white. Text under photo: "[First line] Petry, Wang, Stephenson, Stringfield, Whitmore, Shay, Broersma, [Second line] Branch, Dudenhoeffer, Fischbeck, Branton, 1974, [Third line] Renfro, Kerrigan, Babb, Howard, Stermer, [Fourth line] Yang, Paske, DeJoseph, Steph, Herczeg, Huffaker, Sikora, [Fifth line] Rousey, Michels, Fallgatter, Stokes, Mullins, Archer, Kantowski."

1973 - 1974

1972-1973 group photo in black and white. Text under photo: "Spring 1973 [First line] (back row cont.) Stokes, Mullins, Fallgatter, Smith, Pollak, [Second line] Whitmore, Burwell, Bourassa, Ricker, Sikora, Twist, Broersma, Rousey, Stphensen, Atkinson, Branton, Dwivedi, Lake, St. John, [Third line] Stermer, Chan, Brothers, Chronister, Shay, Kantowski, Renfro, Michels, Howard, Rybka, Pryor, Norton, Mathai, [Fourth line] Gamble, Wang, Dudenhoeffer, Moriyama, Hill, Fischbeck, DeJoseph, Luers, Paske, Salomon, Wilson."

1972 - 1973

1971-1972 group photo in black and white. Text under photo: "Spring 1972 [First line] (back row continued) Stokes, Herczeg, Littell, Broersma, Lake, Stephensen, Branton, Sikora, Kantowski, Bourassa, [Second line] Pollak, Howes, Mathai, Burwell, St. John, Dwivedi, Cohn, Duddenhoeffer, Howard, Smith, Daiker, Fallgatter, Robbins, [Third line] Miller, Bandukwala, Norton, Wang, Tam, Huffaker, Johanning, Nicholson, Rybka, Paske, Mickish, Pryor, Wilson, [Fourth line] Chan, Sisemore, Carroll, Petry, Shay, Winfrey, Babb, Fischbeck, Cafky, Scott."

1971 - 1972

1970-1971 group photo in black and white. Text under photo: "1970 [circled] [First line] Day, Fischbeck, Bourassa, Shay, Walker, Craig, Dwivedi, [Second line] Burwell, Blais, Petry, Schaefer, Habeger, Mills, Cohn, Fowler, Christian, Wiebe, Coleman, Broersma, Porter, [Third line] Corvin, Hsieh, Kantowski, Bandukwala, Kirk, Inhaber, Gamble, Whitmore, [Fourth line] R.P. Scott, Thompson, Jayroe, Carroll, Latimer, Nicholson, Huffaker, Canfield, Lawrence, [Fifth line] Stermer, Sizemore, Liou, Bush, Stokes, Blakely, Becker, Lindsey, Salter, St. John, Lysobey, Mickish, Luers."

1970 - 1971

1960 - 1969

1968-1969 group photo in black and white.

1968 - 1969

1967-1968 group photo in black and white. Text under photo: "[First line] Plate VII Spring, 1968, [Second line] Wiebe, Russell, Cohn, Anderson, Mills, Norton, Chaney, [Third line] Mahoney, Stermer, Ho, Hashemi, J. Thompson, Christian, Gamble, Canfield, Dudenhoeffer, Lee, Robinson, [Fourth line] Solomon, DeKinder, Johnson, Branton, Howard, Samimi, Walker, O'Reilly, Brandt, Moultrie, Inhaber, Wilson, Tung, [Fifth line] Kutszegi, Blais, Schaefer, Burwell, R. Thompson, Williams, Kirk, [Sixth line] R. Anderson, Klosterbuer, Copeland, Carroll, Lin, Huffaker, Nine, Calusio, Mickish, [Seventh line] Sharpton, Hsieh, Petry, Day, Ricker, St. John, Peterson, Stokes, Canfield, Plint, Fischbeck, Nicholson, Sisemore, Paske."

1967 - 1968

1964-1965 group photo in black and white. Text under photo: "[First line] Plate VI May 1965, [Second line] 3rd ROW [L] Parsons, Yarger, Mahoney, Burgett, DeKinder, Banks, Shelton, Stephens, Ackerman, Stanton, Nakagawa, M. Lynch, Samimi, C. Oleson, Hines, [Third line] Kutszegi, Kennerud, Robertson, [M] Dudenhoffer, Thompson, Watson, Legan, Branton, Dorman, R. Lynch, Cunningham, D. Johnson, E. Breig, Harris, D. Olson, [Fourth line] Robinson, Chung, Kinzer, Jobe, Walker [R], [Fifth line] 2nd ROW [L] W. Johnson, Hathaway, Jayroe, Hsieh, Sun, Copeland, O'Reilly, E. Lafon, Babb, Anderson, B. Lafon, Tun, Calusio, Lee, Rueb, Fajen [R], [Sixth line] 1st ROW [L] Lin, Ecker, Fowler, Burwell, Cohn, Nielsen, St. John, Plint, Howard, Leistner, Canfield, Gardner, Sumita, Corrigan, Broersma [R]."

1964 - 1965

1962-1963 group photo in black and white.

1962 - 1963

1950 - 1959

1959-1960 group photo in black and white, on yellowed paper with names typewritten underneath. Text under photo: "[First line] Taken: May, 1960. [Second line] Holland, Friday, [Third line] Lawrence, Scott, Vida, Dorman, M. Breig, E. Breig, Staunton, Miller, Banks, [Fourth line] Burwell, Wriston, Reitch, Zimmerman, Howard, Slusher, Lin, Lester, Cunningham, Yamazaki, Hathaway, Smeltzer, [Fifth line] Dorman, Baird, Babb, Hood, Quiros, [Sixth line] Guardia, Osborne, Kojima, [Seventh line] Nielsen, Hill, Ricker, [Eighth line] Gardner, Jeffries, Rinehart, Jones, St. John, Fowler, Boersma, [Ninth line] Plint."

1959 - 1960

1958-1959 group photo in black and white. Text under photo: "[First line] Reed, M. Breig, Lawrence, E. Breig, Zinnes, Howard, Holzberlein, Sibley, Klaboe, v. Engel, Mercedes, Fisher, Scott, Holland, Miller, [Second line] Osborne, Chao, Vida, Ihle, Paxton, Hill, Sifferd, Clingan, Reitch, Quade, Theimer, Rinehart, [Third line] StJohn, Hood, Pool, Bucker, Babb, Nielsen, Lin, Hijikata, Dorman, Fowler, Plint, [Fourth line] Baird, Powell, Watson, Usry, Lester, Laksmi, Sakuntala, Little, Fajen, McCoy." Written on bottom: "May 19, 1959"

1958 - 1959

1957-1958 group photo in black and white.

1957 - 1958

1955-1956 group photo in black and white, scanned in from Fowler book. Text under photo: "[First line] First Departmental picture. 1955-6 [Second line] 3rd row. Mueller, Hoffman, Osborne, Roys, Mercedes. 2nd row. [Third line] Theimer, Nielsen, Sakuntala, Schriever, Librarian, Typist, Jammer, [Fourth line] Marginnis. 1st row. Lin, Fowler, Ecker, StJohn, Plint, [Fifth line] Holzberlein, Gullickson, Leistner, Stair. L to R."

1955 - 1956

1930 - 1939

1936-1937 group photo in black and white. Text under photo: "OU Physics Dept Picnic - Spring 1937".

1936 - 1937