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Colin Barry

Colin Barry, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Colin Barry.

Curriculum Vitae:

Field: International Relations
Office: 227 Dale Hall Tower


  • Ph.D., Binghamton University (SUNY)
  • M.A., Binghamton University (SUNY)
  • B.S., University of South Maine

Colin Barry is currently working on two research projects. One concerns foreign direct investment (FDI) by multinational companies (MNCs). He is studying how MNCs respond to different political stimuli, such as conflict, regime type, and repression. This research will help illuminate the political underpinnings of global patterns in business and production.

The other project concerns labor standards around the world. He and his colleagues are pulling apart and evaluating several different theoretical mechanisms by which global economic competition may influence governments' respect for the rights of their citizens to unionize, to earn a fair minimum wage, and to enjoy a healthy and safe work environment. This research will lend insight into how labor standards are evolving in an increasingly interconnected global economy.

Research Interests:

International Relations, Foreign Direct Investment, Human/Labor Rights, Conflict and Political Violence