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Meeyoung Lamothe

Meeyoung Lamothe, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Meeyoung Lamothe.

Curriculum Vitae:

Field: Public Administration
Office: 217 Dale Hall Tower


  • Ph.D., Florida State University
  • M.P.A., B.A., Hanyang University 

Dr. Meeyoung Lamothe's primary research area is local governance and human service contracting that frequently involves nonprofit organizations as contracting agents. She initially developed interest in this area of research while working as a management analyst at the largest human service agency in the state of Florida. This is where nonprofit organizations are key service deliverers for a variety of social service programs.

Her latest research is concerned with examining the validity and reliability of the International City/County Management Association’s (ICMA) local service delivery arrangement survey. She has recently expanded her research to nonprofit accountability and the role of nonprofits in public policy processes (advocacy). Her two current projects regarding nonprofit organizations involve: first, examining nonprofit organizations listed in Charity Navigator to identify the types of accountability measures they adopt and how these standards affect nonprofits’ financial performance; and second, reviewing nonprofits’ past and current lobbying activities and their participation in advocacy coalitions. She has a number of publications in well-established public administration and public management journals such as Journal of Public Administration Research and TheoryAmerican Review of Public AdministrationUrban Affairs Review, and International Journal of Public Administration.

Dr. M. Lamothe teaches a variety of public management and nonprofit management courses including Profession of Public Management (PSC 4193), Nonprofits and Government (PSC 3193), and PA Capstone (PSC 4203) for undergraduate studies and Foundations of Nonprofit Management (PSC 5033), Nonprofits and Public Sector Relations (PSC 5063), and Managing Public Programs (PSC 5243) for the graduate program.


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  • Meeyoung Lamothe and Scott Lamothe. 2015. Exploring the Determinants of Local Service Termination. Social Science Quarterly 96(5): 1453-1474. DOI: 10.1111/ssqu.12218.
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  • Meeyoung Lamothe. 2011. Redesigning the Hollow State: A Study of Florida Child Welfare Service Reform Through the Lens of Principal-Agent Theory. International Journal of Public Administration 34:497-515.

Research Interests:

Local Governance & Contracting, Human Service Nonprofits, Nonprofit Accountability & Advocacy