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Adam Feltz

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Psychology Office: Dale Hall Tower 710

Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Adam Feltz serves as an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Oklahoma. He specializes in theoretical and applied science for ethical and informed decision making. Dr. Feltz is regarded as one of the world’s experts on the psychology and philosophy of ethical disagreement, and is best-known for his groundbreaking work identifying sources of fundamental philosophical biases in moral judgment. Dr. Feltz has published more than 50 papers on topics ranging from assessment of decision biases in surrogate decision making to the design of ethical decision support and risk communications in health, medicine, finance, food manufacturing, natural resource management, and other domains. Dr. Feltz is also an award winning teacher and scholar whose research has been supported by agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the UCLA Law School, Animal Charity Evaluators, and the Templeton Foundation. Dr. Feltz serves as a co-founding member and co-director of and is a member of OU’s the Center for Applied Social Research and a member of the editorial board at Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.

Selected Publications:

Mahmoud-Elhaj, D., Tanner, B., Sabatini, D., & Feltz, A. (2020). Measuring objective knowledge of potable recycled water. Journal of Community Psychology, 48, 2033-2052.

Offer-Westort, T., Feltz, A., Bruskotter, J., & Vucetich, J. (2020). What is an endangered species?: Judgments about acceptable risk. Environmental Research Letters, 15, 014010.

Feltz, S. & Feltz, A. (2019). Consumer accuracy at identifying plant-based and dairy-based milk products. Food Ethics, 4, 85-112.

Feltz, S., & Feltz, A. (2019). The Knowledge of Animals as Food Scale. Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, 7, 19-45.

Feltz, A., & Cokely, E.T. (2019) Extraversion and compatibilist intuitions: A ten-year retrospective and meta-analysis. Philosophical Psychology, 32, 388-403.

Feltz, A., & Cokely, E.T. (2017). Informing ethical decision making. In K. Rommelfanger & L.S. Johnson (Eds.) Handbook of Neuroethics (pp. 304-318). New York: Routledge.

Feltz, A., & May, J. (2017). The means/side-effect distinction in moral cognition: A meta-analysis. Cognition, 166, 314-327.