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Nicole Campbell

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Nicole Campbell

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Office: Dale Hall Tower 736

My research background is in social cognition, with an emphasis on individual differences in cognitive style. Since moving into University College administration in 2009, my research focus has been on student retention and success. As I return full-time to a faculty role after a decade as dean of UC, I plan to continue my research into factors that predict and facilitate student flourishing and success, bringing a positive psychology perspective to our student retention research. I look forward to offering a course in applied positive psychology in Fall 2023 and developing new student support programming informed by that literature.

Since joining the faculty in 1998, I have taught over 10,000 students here at OU. I am passionate about teaching and consider it a pleasure and a privilege to have that time with students. In addition to educating students about the discipline of psychology and sharing fascinating aspects of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, my mission is to provide them with information they can use to foster their success as college students and young adults.