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Requesting Funding

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Requesting Funding

Requesting Funding from the Graduate College/Student Senate

The Graduate College, Graduate Student Senate, and the College of Arts and Sciences all provide grants for travel. You can find information about applying for the grants at the links below.

Graduate College Travel Grant

Graduate Student Senate Grants

College of Arts and Sciences Grant

If any of these sources require a an actual letter of support from the Department Chair, students must notify the Chair via email at least 14 days in advance of when the letter needs to be submitted.

As part of this notification email to the Chair, students must also provide:

  1. Information about the name and source of funding,
  2. Information from the source about what is needed in the Chair’s letter of support
  3. Copies of all other application materials,
  4. Information about how the Chair is to submit the letter of support

Requesting Funding from the Department

Our Department also provides travel support funds. To request funding from the department you must: 

  1. Write a very brief e-mail to the Chair of the Department in support of the travel including:
    • An explicit statement of support from your advisor,
    • The name of the conference,
    • The nature of the student’s presentation (e.g., poster, symposium, presentation)
  2. You have to provide evidence that you applied for support from at least one other on-campus source (e.g., the graduate college or graduate student senate). Specifically, an email from the source stating that decision, either accepted or rejected, and the amount of support granted should be forwarded via e-mail to the Chair of the Department.