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Kun Lu

Kun Lu

Kun Lu.

Associate Professor

Co-Director, Data Scholarship Program

Office: Bizzell Library 28
Campus: Norman

Dr. Kun Lu is an Information Scientist specializing in natural language processing, text mining, and information retrieval. He is experienced in various text analytics methods and familiar with their latest development, including rule-based, dictionary-based, and machine-learning-based (including deep-learning-based). He has applied natural language processing and machine learning techniques to scientific literature to analyze knowledge creation, emergence, evolution, and integration. He has also developed novel information retrieval tools and models to improve text retrieval. More recently, he has collaborated with domain specialists to apply my text analytics skills to a variety of domains. This includes developing natural language processing methods to accelerate patients and clinical trials matching for phase 1 oncology clinical trials, information extraction algorithms to extract band gap information from materials science literature and applying text mining to understand Native American authors and their works.

Dr. Lu's website:

Courses Commonly Taught:   

  • LIS 3063 Essentials of IT & Informatics
  • LIS 4/5213 Social Informatics
  • LIS 4/5673 Intro to Information Visualization
  • LIS 5053 Informaiton Seeking and Use
  • LIS 4/5970 Information Retrieval and Text Mining

For a current listing of courses please visit:

Research Areas:

  • Applied Natural Language Process
  • Text mining
  • Information retrieval
  • Science informatics