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Workshops and Related Programs

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The Department of Sociology at the University of Oklahoma has a number of groups and workshops to facilitate our interdisciplinary research, create networking opportunities for undergraduate majors, and encourage graduate student training and collaboration.

Learn more about our workshops and groups below.

ADQUANT - OU Sociology's Methodological Lecture Series

The ADQUANT lecture series is a collaborative forum for the discussion, dissemination, and appreciation of the methodological diversity across sociology, criminology, and the social sciences. We seek to advance and facilitate methodological rigor, engage in interdisciplinary approaches to addressing sociological/criminological concerns, and encourage conversation between and across methodologies in our research.


DOCS - Dialogues of Contemporary Sociology Workshop

The Dialogues of Contemporary Sociology Workshop (DOCS) is a student run, collaborative forum for reading and discussing major contemporary work within sociology. We focus on exploring recent publications in the major journals of our field to stay abreast of contemporary trends and better position ourselves to contribute to the ongoing concerns that motivate sociologists.


Sociology and Criminology Club

The purpose of the Sociology/Criminology Club (SCC) is to provide a forum for undergraduate students who are interested in criminology and sociology. The mission of the SCC is to inform its members about careers, internships, graduate study, and other opportunities available in criminology and sociology and to provide a setting in which they can meet and socialize with other students who share similar interests.


Alpha Kappa Delta

Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) is an international sociology honor society first established in 1920. The purpose of Alpha Kappa Delta is to seek to acknowledge and promote excellence in the scholarship of sociology, the research of social problems, and other social and intellectual activities that will lead to improvement in the human condition. The University of Oklahoma's AKD chapter was established in 1958 as the Beta of Oklahoma chapter of AKD and is the longest existing AKD chapter in the state of Oklahoma.



Oklahoma Sociological Association

As the primary organization for Sociologists and complementary disciplines in the state, the Oklahoma Sociological Association, provides a network for exchanging ideas with other researchers, students, teachers, practitioners and public citizens. Working primarily at the state and local level, the Association seeks to articulate with other state, local, national and international organizations in the hopes of fostering discourse in an atmosphere of mutual respect, support and openness to otherness.




OU Sociology is involved in several related departments and centers on the extended OU campuses.  We believe that through these collaborations we can increase the impact of our research and teaching while highlighting beyond our department the value of the sociological worldview.

Learn more about some of these collaborations below.

Women's and Gender Studies

The Women's and Gender Studies (WGS) Program is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to enhance students' knowledge of gender roles and relations across cultures and history. Women's and Gender Studies courses investigate the intersection of gender and such diverse phenomena as politics, religion, society, and popular culture. The program offers a major, a minor, and a graduate certificate. Several of our faculty members are affiliated with WGS: Loretta Bass, Ann Beutel, Stephanie Burge, Constance Chapple, Meredith Worthen

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School of International and Area Studies

School of International and Area Studies (SIAS) is an undergraduate program that is both international and interdisciplinary. SIAS students choose from a variety of classes that are offered through numerous departments, including the Department of Sociology. Studies can major or minor in Asian Studies, European Studies International Studies, International Security Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Russian & East European Studies. Several of our faculty are affiliated with SIAS: Loretta Bass and Martin Piotrowski.

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Center for Social Justice

The Center for Social Justice (CSJ) is an initiative of the Women's and Gender Studies Program to promote justice, equality, tolerance, and human rights through local and global engagement. The center provides students with practical and academic tools to better understand our local and global communities and to become agents of change. It also creates opportunities for raising awareness about social justice issues and promotes equal opportunities and equal rights by fighting discrimination based on gender, class, race, ethnicity, religion, age, nationality, and sexual orientation. The CSJ faculty affiliates advocate for social justice, listen to and work with communities, and educate and inspire students. They also engage students in social justice projects to promote and foster equality and tolerance and to help students understand their roles and responsibilities as local as well as global citizens. Several of our faculty are affiliated with CSJ: Loretta Bass, Ann Beutel, Stephanie Burge, Tom Burns, Constance Chapple, Mitch Peck, and Meredith Worthen.

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The LGTBQ Ally Program is a training program that is run out of the Women's Outreach Center designed to educate students, faculty, and staff about LGTBQ issues. LGTBQ Allies have made a commitment to help LGTBQ students succeed at OU by making them feel safe, supported, and included on campus. They also work to educate others about LGTBQ issues in the hopes of reducing the prejudice often faced by LGTBQ students. They are a resource for LGTBQ students, faculty, and staff. Several of our faculty members are LGTBQ Allies: Ann Beutel, Stephanie Burge, John Carl, Trina Hope, and Meredith Worthen.

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Religious Studies Program

Religious Studies is an interdisciplinary field devoted to the academic study of religion. The mission of OU's Religious Studies Program is educational, to equip students with the knowledge to function in the diverse and complex global environment of the 21st Century. The Program observes and examines religion in its many expressions. The centerpiece of the program is a curriculum that enables undergraduate students to major or minor in Religious Studies but also to combine the RELS curriculum with other OU programs for the best possible preparation for a career, professional, or graduate school in a range of fields. Several of our faculty members are affiliated with the Religious Studies Program: Tom Burns, Sam Perry, and Cyrus Schleifer.

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