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Tuesday, November 28th 3:00pm-6:00pm
Kaufman Hall, 221B (with Zoom Option)
OU Sociology's Annual
STATS III Stundent Presentations

Panel 1 
Hospital Beds and Abortion Trends
Panel 2
Migration, School Shooting, and LFOs

Panel 3
Environ., Social Control, and Fat-phobia



The ADQUANT lecture series is a collaborative forum for the discussion, dissemination, and appreciation of the methodological diversity across sociology, criminology, and the social sciences. While historically this working group focused on quantitative and statistical methodologies (as our name implies), we have evolved and transformed into a general methods group that celebrates the multiple approaches to knowledge production within sociology and criminology. We seek to advance and facilitate methodological rigor, engage in interdisciplinary approaches to addressing sociological/criminological concerns, and encourage conversation between and across methodologies in our research. Each semester we invite faculty and students to present their ongoing research projects to our methods forum and we hope you will join us for an exciting semester that will showcase many fascinating presentations.

Fall 2023 Schedule

Friday, September 29th  11:00-12:00pm  –  221B Kaufman Hall (with Virtual Options)
Criminology in the Moment
Matt Bejar- OU Sociology (PhD Canidate)

Friday, September 29th  12:00-1:00pm  –  221B Kaufman Hall (with Virtual Options)
Romps, Religion, and the Stalled Revolution
Elizabeth McElroy- OU Sociology (PhD Canidate)

Tuesday, November 28th  3:00-6:00pm  –  221B Kaufman Hall (with Virtual Options)
Categorical and Advanced Regression Student Presentations 

Social Statistics III Students
OU Sociology Graduate Students


  • Matt Bejar - OU Sociology (PhD Canidate)
  • Elizabeth McElroy - OU Sociology (PhD Canidate)
  • Prof. Chris Garnaeu - OU Sociology
  • Prof. Heather Bedle - OU Geosciences
  • Ami Frost - OU Sociology (PhD Student)
  • Prof. Liili Abuladze - Tallinn University
  • Prof. Dan Wang - OU Sociology
  • Prof. Martin Priotrowski - OU Sociology
  • Prof. John Leverso - OU Sociology
  • Prof. Máel Embser-Herbert, Hamline University, Sociology 
  • Abby Young - OU Sociology (PhD Canidate)
  • Sally Wiser - OU Sociology (MA Student)
  • Dr. Dagoberto Cortex - NSF SBE Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Texas at Austin
  • Prof. Jason Gravel - Temple Criminal Justice
  • Prof. Marcus Mann - Purdue University Sociology
  • Prof. Collin Mueller - University of Maryland, Sociology
  • Prof. Annsbel Ipsen -  Colorado State University Sociology
  • Elizabeth McElroy - OU Sociology (PhD Student)
  • Peyman Hekmatpour - OU Sociology (PhD Candidate)
  • Rick Wolford - OU Sociology (PhD Candidate)
  • Leslie Miller - OU Sociology (PhD Candidate)
  • Prof. Jeremy Freese (Stanford Sociology)
  • Prof. Cyrus Schleifer (OU Sociology - SLIDES & DOFILE)
  • Roshan Pandian - Indiana University Bloomington (PhD Candidate)
  • Prof. Erin Maher (OU Sociology) & Deven Carlson (OU Political Science)
  • Prof. Sun Kyong (Sunny) Lee - OU Communication
  • Prof. Sam Workman - OU Political Science
  • Prof.  Raphaël Charron-Chénier - Arizona State University, School of Social Transformation
  • Marshall Schmidt - OU Sociology (PhD Candidate)
  • Prof. Christopher R.H. Garneau - University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
  • Lauren Johnson - OU Sociology (Masters Student)
  • Prof.  Julie Gerlinger - OU Sociology
  • Prof.  Kimball Martin - OU Mathematics
  • Lauren Johnson - OU Sociology (Undergraduate)
  • Leslie Miller - OU Sociology (PhD Student)
  • Prof. Sharon Bird - Oklahoma State University
  • Prof. Robert Terry - OU Psychology
  • Prof. Ole Andreassen - University of Tromsø Business School 
  • Prof. Yothin Sawangdee - Mahidol University, Thailand
  • Prof. Wayne Stewart - OU Mathematics
  • Jong Hyun Jung - PhD in Sociology (Purdue University)