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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the information on this page.

For brief questions you can email Debra Hensley-Luczycki, the Sociology Department Advisor, at

No. The College of Arts and Sciences does not allow to get a major/minor or double major for two programs within one department (the one exception is in languages – you can, for instance, double major in French and German).

Of course we love it when we hear that you love your courses. However, we also agree with the university requirements for a broad-based education. It is also important to note that only 48 hours of sociology (excluding capstone) will apply towards your degree.

You have to log into One to find out when your registration window opens. Seniors enroll first, then Juniors and so on.

In order to enroll, you must first be advised. If you have not been advised for that particular semester, there will be a stop on your enrollment. Stops are also put on enrollment if you owe the university any money (tuition, overdue library books, parking tickets, etc.).

Generally – yes. College coursework is usually more stringent than high school. Some students may be able to “test out” of some of their language hours through the placement test offered through the language department located in Kaufman Hall. However, this is not an easy test, and many students that take it are placed into the beginning level language class. If you do test out of 5 or 10 hours of language, it is important that you take the remaining three in the upcoming semester. (Note that the College of Arts and Sciences requires 3 hours of 2000 level language; while technically the college only requires 3 hours of language, most students must take 10 hours before they can meet that 3 hour requirement.) Waiting will almost always result in deteriorated language skills, and if you wait, you will have to take the test again before you are allowed to enroll in a course above the introductory level. Also, note that in order to enroll in SPAN 1115, students must take the Spanish placement test. Also, most Spanish courses, as well as courses in some other languages, require special permission to enroll.

There are many courses from other colleges and universities that DO transfer as courses equivalent to those taught at OU. Lists of equivalents are available in the OU Office of Admissions in Buchanan Hall room 127 or can be viewed at the OU Course Equivalency Tables web site.

Students who wish to receive transfer credit must have an official transcript sent to the OU’s Office of Admissions, 127 Buchanan Hall, 1000 Asp Avenue, Norman, OK 73019-4076

The Department of Sociology has designed the majors in sociology and criminology, and during your advisement with the Sociology Department, your advisors are working to assure that you fulfill your major requirements. However, it is the College of Arts and Sciences that determines what requirements must be met for an Arts and Sciences Degree, and therefore it is there that you must have your degree progress checked.

You can make an appointment for a degree check on iAdvise once you have 90 hours. The college is in Ellison Hall, across Elm St. from Goddard Health Services.

The best way to find the General Education Humanities requirements is to use ClassNav. You need to search for classes that fulfill these specific General Education requirements:

  • Artistic Forms, 
  • Non Western Culture, and 
  • Western Civilization

Upper Division is any class that has a course number greater than 3000.

Prior to taking any of the math classes that fill the general education requirements, students must take a math placement test. The test is offered in the Assessment and Learning Center through the University College. The test will assist students in choosing an appropriate math class.

To find courses that will fulfill the General Education MATH requirement, use ClassNav. Not all General Education Math classes are "math!"

Some are. However, remember that you must STILL take a 2000 level language and 6 hours of upper division humanities (an Associates degree does not include upper division courses).

For more information regarding hours and Associates Degrees, please speak with one of the advisors in the College of Arts and Sciences.