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The College of Arts and Sciences' academic advisers are committed to you. We realize that planning and executing your academic journey -- through general education courses, through the hundreds of majors offered on our campus, to the resources that can provide you with innumerable opportunities — requires a wise and caring guide as you discover your passions and fulfill your dreams. Establishing a relationship with one of these caring professionals can ensure that your journey through our college and our university is a successful and rewarding one.

Message To OUr Students

To OUr 10,000 amazing Majors (Undergraduate and Graduate) in the College of Arts and Sciences,

We are writing to express our sincerest and most heartfelt best wishes to you all during the COVID-19 public health crisis; please stay safe, stay well, and stay connected to us.

In addition, we are writing to thank you for your incredible efforts in recent weeks: 

  1. We thank you for your generous response to these unprecedented times. We realize that the COVID-19 response has necessitated teaching and learning methodologies that perhaps are not optimal for you. THANK YOU for your engagement with your coursework even in this environment of change. 
  2. We thank you for your patience and understanding for our instructional faculty who are navigating this new environment as well. Many of them are learning as they go, because the new online methodologies are not ones they have used in the past. THANK YOU for demonstrating generosity with them as they work to help you complete your coursework on time and with as much rigor and expertise as is possible.
  3. We thank you for your leadership. Your generation will undoubtedly learn many lessons from this historic moment. You are now positioned as the generation of leaders who will build a stronger, more humane and inclusive society out of the collective experience of this historic pandemic. With a degree from the University of Oklahoma, you will be prepared to build a future that takes the lessons of the present, synthesizes them with an excellent and innovative education, and then builds a world that is safer, more compassionate, and wiser. We cannot wait to see how you respond when you are the decisionmakers.
  4. Finally, if you need any type of support as we complete our semester online, please know that we are available to you. While we may not see you face-to-face, know that we are discussing daily how better to serve you in these times. Please know you can contact our Associate Dean for Students Rhonda Dean Kyncl by phone (405-325-1960 or 405-831-0684) or email ( You may contact our main phone lines if you have an advising or academic services question (405-325-4411 or 405-325-2077). Or you may email our general college address ( We are monitoring all of those phones and emails remotely, and we stand ready to serve you so that you end this semester completely prepared for what the future holds.


Dean David Wrobel
Associate Dean Rhonda Dean Kyncl