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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of International and Area Studies in the David L. Boren College of International Studies offers an undergraduate program with 9 majors and 11 minors.Our curriculum is both international and interdisciplinary, with a variety of courses offered through the following departments of IAS, Anthropology, Art, Communication, Economics, English, Film and Media Studies, Geography, History, History of Science, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, and Sociology.

Foriegn Language: An integral part of the undergraduate program is the study of a foreign language to complement your area of study. Students develop communication skills in this language through classes offered by the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics.

Study Abroad: CIS students are also required to spend at least one academic term, preferably a year, working abroad or studying at an international university of their choice with the approval of CIS.

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Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Global Engagement Certificate

Available to all degree-seeking students, the Global Engagement Certificate recognizes students who have taken tangible steps to become active global citizens by enhancing their knowledge of modern global issues and engaging with the global community in Norman and abroad. The skills, knowledge and experiences evidencing "global engagement" are increasingly important for new graduates and in demand by employers. The transcripted certificate will provide OU graduates a concrete way in which to market their skills in any future academic or professional setting.

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Peace Corps Prep

The Peace Corps Prep program at OU prepares students for service as a Peace Corps volunteer. Open to all OU undergraduates, the program equips students in four areas: intercultural competence, sector-specific skills, language development, and professionalism and leadership. After completing the program, students receive a certificate from the Peace Corps. While completion of the program does not guarantee applicants are selected for service, it makes students much more competitive applicants for Peace Corps volunteer positions. A certification from Peace Corps Prep also demonstrates to employers a dedication to community service, international affairs, cultural understanding and adaptability.

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Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in International Studies

The Master of Arts in International Studies (MAIS) degree equips students with the tools to engage in a globally integrated environment in areas such as international diplomacy, international security, the international economy, humanitarian aid and economic development assistance or international advocacy. Coursework provides a rigorous foundation in international and comparative politics, world history, international economics, and analytic and statistical methods.

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Accelerated BA/MA in International Studies

The BA/MA in International Studies is an accelerated program designed for exceptional students to earn both their bachelor's and master's degrees in International Studies in 5 years of study. National Merit Scholars are the ideal candidates for a 5-year accelerated BA/MA program, although the program is open to all OU students who qualify.

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Master of Arts in Global Affairs

Through our online Master of Arts in Global Affairs (GAMA) program, students explore the political, economic and social interactions that have an impact on global turbulence. GAMA coursework is designed to provide students with a global vision from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, increase knowledge of global affairs and develop expertise in one or more geographic areas of the globe. GAMA students gain practical experience through a planned policy exercise and participate in a collective study abroad program exclusive to GAMA students.

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Master of Arts in International Relations

The Master of Arts in International Relations (MAIR) program offers the adult learner the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree at or near military installations around the world. MAIR students gain a broad understanding of world affairs from economic, geographic, historic, political and social perspectives. The program is directed by the College of International Studies in coordination with the University of Oklahoma’s College of Professional and Continuing Studies, which was established in 1964 as part of the University’s commitment to continuing education and public service. 

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