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Program Information

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By enrolling in any CESL classes, you will have access to live, instantaneous feedback on all your English language questions by certified ESL professionals with master's degrees or higher in the field. Course content, homework, feedback and instruction are the same in both our in-person and online classes. Successfully completing CESL's OU Track in either modality will enable academically admissible candidates to enroll in the University of Oklahoma!

Apply now for any of our upcoming sessions, online or in person. Application deadlines for online classes are flexible, but for in-person classes, you must apply by the deadline to have enough time to obtain your F-1 visa.

Admission to the University of Oklahoma is NOT required to enroll with CESL.

Program Options

Academic English Program

This program is designed for those wishing to meet English proficiency requirements in order to become an OU student.

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General English Part-time Program

This course is designed for those wishing to improve speaking and listening skills in areas related to getting a job or participating in conversations.

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Special Programs

CESL offers special programs and services to groups that have specific English instruction needs.

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Academic English Program

Program Highlights

  • Core courses - Reading, Writing, Listening/Speaking
  • IELTS and TOEFL iBT test preparation
  • Seminar courses, which include university reading and writing and American history and culture
  • 20 hours of instruction per week
  • Student access to the University of Oklahoma resources and facilities
  • Professionally trained and highly experienced instructors and staff
  • OU Track that allows qualified students to be admitted to OU with lower IELTS and iBT TOEFL scores

OU Track

Do you want to attend the top-ranked University of Oklahoma, but your TOEFL and IELTS scores are too low? 

OU Track is a unique program at CESL that allows qualified students to quickly improve their language skills in order to meet the requirements to attend the University of Oklahoma. OU Track is completed in only one semester (two consecutive sessions) at CESL. Because CESL students have strong English proficiency skills, the University of Oklahoma is able to admit our students as soon as the students successfully complete the OU Track program.

Advantages of OU Track:

  • Qualify for OU with lower English proficiency test scores
  • Take university preparation classes
  • Get support from CESL advisors, International Student Services, University College advisors, OU admissions and the Academic Integrity Office as you prepare for your OU degree program
  • Prepare for the university academically, culturally, and socially through events, classes and activities

Requirements to Join OU Track

To be placed in the OU Track at CESL, you must:

  1. Be in the Advanced Levels 
  2. Have the following English proficiency scores:
Test Scores
iBT  61 or higher
IELTS  5.5 or higher

Requirements for Completing OU Track and Entering OU

To complete the OU Track and gain admission to the University of Oklahoma, you must:

For questions or more information about OU Track, contact Hilary Kirk at


International Student Admissions

For more information about applying to OU as an international student, visit the OU International Admissions website.

Contact CESL

For more Information, contact us at 405-325-2351 or