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Student at Trevi Fountain

Why Study Abroad

Explore the world while you are still enrolled at the University of Oklahoma! Studying abroad provides an opportunity to discover new cultures, broaden your perspective, and gain a competitive edge in a globalized world. About 25% of OU students engage with global opportunities all over the world throughout their academic career. Immerse yourself in unique experiences, forge lifelong relationships and develop invaluable skills that will shape your future.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to expand your academic and personal horizons through an unforgettable international adventure. Study pre-health in Mexico, take an art history class in Italy, explore the outback of Australia, or live out your K-Pop dreams in South Korea! The choice is yours – which adventure will you choose?

Our Programs

International Study Centers

At our International Study Centers in Italy and Mexico, you can take classes with OU professors, explore the language and culture of your host country, engage in meaningful dialogue with locals, get active with community service while earning credit toward your degree.

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Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-Led programs are designed so that you can take OU courses with OU professors while traveling around the world with other OU students.

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Partner Universities

Partner University programs allow you to pay OU tuition and fees while taking the classes you need at the university you want when studying abroad!

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Partner Providers

Partner Provider programs are facilitated by approved providers and offer a variety of academic courses, internship opportunities and experiences!

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Choose Your Adventure

Choose from a variety of different programs that provide academically relevant and personally transformative experiences across the world. You can find study abroad programs based on major, location, term, or financial preferences!

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Benefits of Studying Abroad

Enhance your academic experience.

Studying abroad provides opportunities for cultural immersion and language learning, as well as exposure to different teaching methods and perspectives. Additionally, internships and service-learning opportunities are available.


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Travel the world without breaking the bank.

There are many affordable study abroad programs available, as well as scholarships, grants and financial aid. Some countries have lower costs of living than others, making them more budget-friendly for international students.


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Develop global competency and broaden your perspective.

By understanding diverse cultures, global issues and international perspectives, become better prepared to tackle complex challenges, collaborate effectively and contribute meaningfully to a global society.


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See Yourself Abroad

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OU Ranks 23rd in the Nation for 2020-2021 Study Abroad


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