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Program Types

Program Types

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We know that every student has a different background and different goals for their study abroad experience. We have several different program types, each of which is going to have a different level of OU support, cultural immersion, course offerings, financing, etc. You'll work with your study abroad advisor to identify what the best program is for you. 

International Study Centers

At our International Study Centers in Italy and Mexico, you can take classes with OU professors, explore the language and culture of your host country, engage in meaningful dialogue with locals, get active with community service and complete an internship while earning credit toward your degree.

Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-Led programs are designed so that you can take OU courses with OU professors while traveling around the world with other OU students. These programs have OU tuition and fees, so you can apply tuition waiver scholarships and any applicable financial aid. We offer a variety of long-term and short-term program options.

Partner University Programs

Partner University programs allow you to take classes at a university abroad but continue paying OU tuition and fees at your normal rate. These programs are highly independent and ideal for students who would like to be immersed in a new cultural and academic setting. Choose from long-term and short-term options.

Partner Provider Programs

Partner Provider programs are facilitated by approved providers with which the University of Oklahoma has an active agreement. Partner provider programs offer a variety of academic courses and internship opportunities, which will show up as transfer credit on your transcript. Tuition and fees are paid directly to your provider, not to the University of Oklahoma. Some financial aid may still apply.

Choose Your Adventure

Choose from a variety of different programs that provide academically relevant and personally transformative experiences across the world. You can find study abroad programs based on major, location, term, or financial preferences!

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