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Curricular Practical Training

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Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Information for Students

What is CPT?
CPT is off-campus work authorization granted by the ISS office that permits an international student to pursue an internship/work experience for degree credit.

When can I apply?
Eligible F-1 students may apply for CPT as soon as they are enrolled for semester in which they plan to do CPT.

The deadline to apply for CPT is the same as the Add/Drop deadline for the semester. Find the specific date by checking the OU Academic Calendar.

Complete the mandatory workshop before you apply for CPT:

  1. Login to
  2. Click Courses on the left
  3. Click All Courses
  4. Click Browse More Courses at the top right
  5. Search for CPT.
  6. Click Join this Course for the course labeled ISS CPT Workshop
  7. Click Enroll in Course
  8. Click Go to Course


Information for Advisors and Faculty

CPT is off-campus work authorization for an internship or work experience completed before the student graduates that is authorized by International Student Services as permitted under F-1 federal immigration regulations. In order to qualify as CPT, the proposed internship/work experience must be curricular in nature and count toward degree requirements in one of the three following ways:

  1. The internship is a required and established part of the degree program.
  2. The internship is not required, but academic credit will count toward the degree requirements.
  3. The student is a graduate student who has finished all formal coursework requirements and is currently in thesis or dissertation hours. The data obtained from the internship will be published in the student’s thesis or dissertation.

ISS relies on the professional opinion of the academic or faculty advisor to determine whether an internship/work experience falls into one of the three above mentioned categories. Enrollment in credit bearing hours for the internship is required, and the credit hour/s cannot be taken in addition to the number of credit hours needed to complete the degree program.

When an international student applies for CPT, the academic/faculty advisor must complete the CPT Academic Advisor Recommendation form. If the internship/work experience is not required for the degree (option 1 mentioned above), a letter from the advisor on letterhead explaining how the work experience is curricular in nature must also be submitted. ISS provides a template for these letters.

If you have any questions about CPT or the application process, please contact the designated ISS advisor for your college.