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Sponsored Students

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Sponsored Students

Sponsored Student Information

The OU International Student Services office provides specialized services to students who are funded by governments, international agencies, corporations, and other entities. Approximately 30 sponsoring agencies currently fund more than 200 international sponsored students who are enrolled at OU. 

Services to sponsored students

OU International Student Services has a designated Sponsored Student Programs Coordinator who provides a variety of support services to sponsored international students.

Among other services, this includes:

  • Supports and resolves immigration-related issues on behalf of sponsored students
  • Works with other offices on campus to resolve any issues concerning sponsored students


The Sponsored Student Programs Coordinator also provides resources to sponsored students at OU which include:

  • Phone, fax, and copy machine privileges for all sponsor-related business
  • Consultation and referral to on-campus resources for assistance with academic tutoring, counseling, improving study habits, test-taking strategies, writing assistance, dispute resolution, stress management, cultural integration, and other issues
  • Referrals for involvement with on-campus leadership activities
  • Direct communication with sponsored students by in-person meetings, e-mail, phone, fax or express mail
  • Review of issues of concern with students, whether personal, financial, immigration issues, health issues or other
  • Liaising between student, academic department and sponsor

Health insurance waiver information

The health insurance waiver request, if approved, will allow students who already have a health insurance policy from their sponsor to opt out of the required OU health insurance policy and charges. Students need to submit the online waiver request.  More information, including insurance requirements for F-1 and J-1 students and the waiver process, can be found here.


Services to sponsors

OU provides a variety of services and resources to sponsors. Among other services, the OU ISS office:

  • Develops and administers contracts with sponsors to support their students at OU
  • Notifies sponsoring agency of student arrival on campus, registration and enrollment, housing placement and other pertinent information
  • Oversees student progress toward achieving sponsor’s academic objectives
  • Provides transcripts to sponsors each semester showing current and past enrollment
  • Provides third-party billing services, student reimbursements, student and sponsor account monitoring, and liaising to university business offices
  • Receives representatives from sponsoring agencies and arranges campus visits by coordinating meetings with students’ academic advisors and departments on campus
  • Coordinates with academic advisors to ensure departmental compliance with sponsor objectives
  • Facilitates disbursement of stipends and/or other sponsor funds
  • Notifies the sponsor or sponsoring agency if the student leaves campus because they have finished their program, are transferring to another school, or other circumstances.

Sponsored Student Programs Coordinator

Mukarram Lillard
Sponsored Student Programs Coordinator

Mukarram advises students and the university community regarding student immigration regulations including: travel, employment, and maintenance of status. Mukarram is originally from Gaza-Palestine. She holds a B.A. in English Literature and Education from Al-Azhar University in Gaza-Palestine. She also holds Master’s degree in Human Relations, and a graduate certificate in Human Resources and Organizational Diversity and Development from the University of Oklahoma.