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Ambassador Edward J. Perkins Scholarship

Ambassador Edward J. Perkins Scholarship

The Ambassador Edward J. Perkins Scholarship was created to assist University of Oklahoma students pursuing studies in Africa and other strategic areas. The scholarship may also assist students coming to study at the University of Oklahoma from overseas.

Awards are given on a competitive basis to qualified undergraduate and graduate students. Awards are based on factors, such as (1) the quality of the student’s educational objectives and preparation for overseas study; (2) student’s field of study, with preference going to International and Area Studies majors; (3) cost of overseas trip; and (4) the student’s financial need.

Scholarship applicants must meet the following specific criteria:

  • Must be full-time, regularly enrolled students at the University of Oklahoma
  • Must achieve and maintain a 3.0 overall GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • No scholarship may be awarded to or for the direct benefit of the College of International Studies or any member of the immediate family of the college
  • Any eligible deserving undergraduate or graduate student is qualified for either an initial award or a subsequent award

Preference is given to students planning to travel to Africa, though proposals for travel to other strategic areas of the world are eligible. Strategic areas include Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South and Central America.

Deadline: February 1


Any student unable to complete the program will be required to return the full amount of the award to The College of International Studies.

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