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Scholarships for International Students

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Scholarships for International Students

For questions on OU scholarships listed below contact Patsy Broadway at

OU Scholarships in the Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH)

There are many OU scholarships at the new Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH). The new system allows current students to apply for most OU scholarships in one central location, with one deadline.



Cleo Cross Scholarship

International Student

Sue Williams Service Award

International Student

Paul & Rose Sharp Scholarship

International Student

OU Scholarships and Awards outside of Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub

These scholarships must be applied for individually.



Greenberg Scholarship

International Student from Denmark, Finland, Norway or Sweden enrolled in a degree-seeking program

Farzaneh Family Scholarship for Iranian Students

Iranian students with a significant financial need

International Student Emergency Relief Scholarship
(See full description below.)

International Student Emergency Relief Scholarship

**While the CIS Emergency Fund is still open to applications we are redirecting all COVID-19 related funding requests to Sooners Helping Sooners at this time. Click here for more information on Sooners Helping Sooners.** 

The International Student Emergency Relief Scholarship is administered by the David L. Boren College of International Studies to provide emergency assistance to international students who have experienced emergencies leading to unexpected financial obligations they are unable to meet with their available financial resources. This scholarship is awarded once to a qualified individual during their academic career at the University of Oklahoma. This scholarship is granted on a rolling basis.

Funding is granted to students on the basis of documented, unforeseen financial need. This includes:

  • Sudden illness or hospitalization
  • Loss of employment, income, or other financial support
  • Major accident
  • Natural disaster
  • Dramatic personal or political event at home
  • Among other emergencies

This does not include:

  • Credit card debt
  • Poor use of scholarship funding
  • Loans to friends and family
  • Poor financial choices

Applications are reviewed by a committee comprised of the ISS Assistant Director of International Student Programs, the CIS Associate Dean of Student Services, and the CIS Dean with notification typically in a week. For cases determined to merit assistance, the committee will award 3/4 of the amount needed up to $1,000. We encourage students to set up a payment plan for medical or other bills where that is possible in order to ease the stresses associated with pending bills.

APPLY HERE for the CIS International Student Emergency Relief Scholarship.

For more information, contact Mary Beth Polk at

Other (Non-OU) Scholarships

Norman Lions Club International: International Student of the Month

The Norman Lions Club provides a $200 scholarship to an exceptional international student from the University of Oklahoma during the months of October, November, February, March and April. The goals of this program are to increase the diversity of the Norman Lions Club weekly meetings and ensure that international students become exposed to one of a number of service clubs that represent a unique aspect of American culture. Contact Mary Beth Polk for more information.