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                            Whether or not you need an apparatus depends on
                          the method you choose to bead your project. If you are
                          using a lazy stitch you will need a hoop and pieces of thin
                          material, both to fit the size of your beading project.
   DESIGN         These can be found where sewing supplies are sold. If
                          you are loom beading then of course you will need a loom.
                          A loom can be easily made, which is preferred, or lesser
                          quality looms can be purchased at some national retail
                          craft supply chains. And nice ones can be purchased
                          through quality Indian specialty shops, though expensive. METHODS       If you are using a peyote stitch then no apparatus is

     This is a loom.

                        There are many considerations to be made in selecting
   BACKGROUND beads for your project. The beads most commonly
                        used in Native American beadwork are called seed beads.
                        There are large varieties in seed beads. One difference
                        is between regular seed beads and glass cut seed beads.
                        Regular seed beads have a smooth surface and glass cut
                        beads have an irregular 'chipped' surface that creates
LINKS           glimmer or a glintz as light catches it. All the beads you
                        choose should be the same size. The larger the bead size
                        number the smaller the bead. Beads can be purchased at
                        powwows, Indian craft supply shops and catalogs. It is not
                        recommended that beads be purchased from the national
                        retail craft supply stores. Generally the beads are not
                        uniform in size, the colors are limited, the quality is poor,
                        and altogether overpriced.

                              Seed Beads

                    Regular sewing thread should not be used for beadwork.
                    There is beading thread that is specifically made for
                    beadwork. The size dtermines strength and thickness and
                    is designated in letters. Do not choose a thread that is too
                    thick for your beads. Some places offer colored thread.
                    Thread can be purchased at most craft supply stores as
                    well as the other places mentioned for finding beads.
                         Enlarged view of thread

                    Also the type of needle needed depends on the method of
                    beadwork that is going to be used. Both lazy stitch and
                    peyote stitch require short needles. Long needles are
                    generally used for loom beading. Choose a size that is the
                    same number or one number higher than the size of your
                    beads. The proper needles can be purchased at powwows
                    and Indian craft specialty shops, and some catalogs.

                        Now that you have all your supplies you can begin beading!