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A Message from the Dean


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A Message from Dean John Klier


Engineering defines our future, enhances our way of life and grows economic opportunity in our state.   

— Dean John Klier

Dean Klier

Everywhere you look engineering touches your daily life. The technology that powers your smartphone, the car you drive, the roads you travel on, the water you drink, the plane you fly in, and the technology of modern medicine are possible because of engineering advances. Our national defense, economic competitiveness, energy grid and communications depend on our engineering leadership.

Now, consider what’s beyond your day-to-day reality. Targeted cancer therapies, abundant clean water, new hydrogen energy from natural gas, advanced radar to protect the homeland and advanced on-demand manufacturing technologies are just a few of the examples. There’s a future made possible by engineering that has the potential to enhance our way of life and grow economic opportunity in our state. 

This is the important work we are doing at OU. We are educating future engineers who will live, work and impact their communities and enhance all of our lives.

I am excited to draw upon my experiences in industry and academic leadership, working alongside dedicated collegues to help our college grow, educate, innovate and support each other. We will continue to hire the best and brightest to enhance collaborations and inspire students who have chosen OU as the institution where they will earn their bachelor, master's or doctorate degrees. 

John Klier 
Dean and AT&T Chair
Member of the National Academy of Engineering
Member of the National Academy of Inventors