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Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors

The University of Oklahoma Gallogly College of Engineering Board of Advisors has been an integral part of the College's success since its formation in 1982.

Consisting of up to 30 active members, the board advises the president of the university and the dean on all matters pertaining to the college.

The board impacts the college through its efforts in the areas of academic and research quality, the recruitment and retention of top-quality students and faculty, private fundraising, and the overall stature of the Gallogly College of Engineering.


Current Members

*Denotes members of the Executive Committee of the Board of Advisors.

Contact: If you need to reach out to a member of the Board of Advisors, please email engineering[at]

Ron W. Armstrong
Ron W. Armstrong*

Board of Advisors Chair
(BS ChemE 1982)
Former VP Value Chain Strategy & Optimization, Phillips 66

Jay Benson
Jay Benson*

Research & Technology Cmt Chair 
(BS ChemE 1993)
VP and General Manager 
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Monica Browning Mitchell
Monica Browning Mitchell

AME Adv Bd Chair
(BS Ind 1992, MBA 1994)
Asst Vice President - Technology, AT&T


Ryan Burge
Ryan Burge*

External Affairs Cmt Chair
(BS ISE 2007)
Managing Partner   
Boulevard Consulting

Austin Burrus
Austin Burrus

AME Chair
(BS Mech 2016)
Sr. Engineering Project Manager
Blue Whale Materials

Carol Curtis
Carol Curtis

(BS Biochemistry 2003, PhD Physiology 09/ Univ of Illinois)
C Square Consulting Managing Partner


Micheal G. Dunn
Micheal G. Dunn

(BS Civil 1988)
Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer, Williams

Jake B. Elliott
Jake B. Elliott

DSAI-Adv Bd Chair
(BS CS 2010, MS CS 2011, MBA 2014)
Former CTO, VP of Product Development
Driven Analytics, Inc.

Anil Gollahalli
Anil Gollahalli

(BS CBME 1997, JD 2000/Univ of Chicago)
Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel
Big Ten Conference


Debbie Graham
Debbie A. Graham

(BS, MS ISE 1998,2000)
VP and Site Director
Avara Pharmaceutical Technologies, Inc.

Michael J. Graves
Michael J. Graves

CEES Adv Bd Chair
(BS EnvE 2007)
Exec VP and COO, Garver

James Guerra
James Guerra

(BS CBME 2016)
Design Consultant, G-CON Mfg.


W. Micah Hale
W. Micah Hale

(BS Civil 1996, MS Civil 2000, PhD Civil 2002)
Professor and Dept Head, 21st Century Leadership Chair in Civil Engr., Univ of Arkansas

Drew R. Harnish
Drew R. Harnish

ISE Adv Bd Chair
(BS Ind '09/OU, MS Ind '11/OU)
Senior Consultant, Slalom Consulting

Thomas L. Hendrick
Thomas L. Hendrick

(BS Civil 1982, MS Civil 1983)
President and CEO
Wallace Engineering 


Michael C. Hollinger
Michael C. Hollinger*

Student Affairs Cmt Chair, ECE Adv Bd Chair
(BS CompE 2004, MS Elec 2005)
Chief Architect, Visual and Sensor AI/ML, IBM AI Applications

Robert C. Huck
Robert C. Huck

(BS CompE 2000, MS EE 2006, PhD Engr 2011)
Senior Lab Lead Engineer
Boeing Defense and Space 

Seema Karande
Seema Karande

(BS ChemE 1986/MS ChemE 1988 OU/MBA 2009 Rice)
Senior R&D Fellow
Dow Inc.


Valliappa (Lak) Lakshmanan
Valliappa (Lak) Lakshmanan

(PhD ECE 2001)
Operating Executive
Silver Lake

J. Kent Leach
J. Kent Leach

(BS Chemistry/U of AR, PhD ChemE 2003/OU)
Professor, Depts of Biomedical Engr and Orthopaedic Surgery
Univ of CA, Davis

Bill Liddell
Bill Liddell

(BS Ind 1979)
Anadarko Petroleum Corp.  (Retired)


Shane C. Lindstrom
Shane C. Lindstrom

EPhy Adv Bd Chair
(BS EPhy 1996)
Lindstrom Technology

Michael M. Miller
Michael M. Miller

(BS Elec 1987)
Co-founder, Advanced Financial Solutions

Rustom Mody
Rustom Mody

(BS Mech, MS Mech 1977, MBA)
CEO, VinTech Nano Materials
Retired VP for Technology, Baker Hughes/GE


Sarah Mudd
Sarah Mudd

(BS ChemE 2006, PhD UW-Madison 2010)
Principal Research Scientist, AbbVie

Scott L. Oathout
Scot L. Oathout

(BS CS 1985)
Senior Director, Bomber Programs
Boeing Company

John E. Poarch
John E. Poarch

(BS Chem 1987)
CEO, Salt Creek Midstream


David W. Raney
David W. Raney

(BS Mech 1980, Exec MBA 2007/UCLA)
Managing Partner, DWRaney Assoc., Inc.

Kevin A. Reheis
R. Lane Riggs

(BS CBME 1988)

Tamika Wingfield Tutt
Tamika W. Tutt

BS IE '98 
Alcon Laboratories, Inc. 
Sr. Sourcing Manager & Supplier Diversity


Nancy D. Wallace*
Nancy D. Wallace*

BoA Immediate Past Chair
(BS Ind ’82/OU, MS Project & Program Mgmt ‘99/DeVry U)
Retired Projects Director, Hewlett Packard

Nancy D. Wallace*
Mark J. Welch

BoA Past Chair
(BS Ind ’92/OU, MS Adm. Studies/SE Okla. State)
President and CEO

John Woodson
John Woodson

SCBME Adv Bd Chair
(BS ChemE 2010, MBA 2014/Harvard)
Director, of Vendor Management
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Senior Active Members

Senior active members have served at least two three-year terms as a member of the Board of Advisors.


Rudolph Alexander

(BS Elec 1965, MS 1970/S. CA, MS 1981/MIT)
Retired VP & Managing Partner, Business Continuity Solutions, AT&T

Harold L. Andrews

(BS EE 1968, MS EE 1971, PhD EE 1978)
Director of Technical Sales Support
Lucent Technologies

Pankaj R. Asundi

(MS Ind 1992)
Vice President, New Sales - Media & Content
Ericsson, Inc.


Carl F. Baerst

(BS Aero 1967)
Retired Vice President - Aerospace Contracts
Honeywell International, Inc.

Jon W. Bayless

(BS Elec 1964, PhD Elec/AZ State)
General Partner, Sevin-Rosen Funds

David R. Bert

(BS Mech 1985)
Area Manager
Southwestern Energy


Edward A. Blair

(BS Petr 1958)
Retired President - Americas Division
BHP Petroleum, Inc.

Carol R. Breglio

(BS Petr 1982, MBA 1987)
Retired Wealth Strategist, Breglio, Long & Associates Wealth Strategies

John A. Brock

(BS Geol 1953)
Brighton Energy, LLC


Michael C. Brock

(BS Elec 1982)
Technical Advisor, HQ 38th Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group, Tinker AFB

Michael R. Brulé

(BS Chem 1975, MS Chem 1975, PhD Chem 1981, MBA 1984)
Industry Principal Archetect

Stephen P. Condon

(BS Mech 1964/OU, MS/USAF Institute of Tech, PhD 1974/U of Texas)
Retired Major General, USAF 


Michelle Coppedge

(BS Mech 1988/OU, MBA 1991/Oklahoma City Univ., MS Ind 1995/Purdue)
Director, Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, FAA

Randall L. Couch

(BS Chem 1975)
Former Principal
Crossover Resources, LLC


Dean Ducray

Former Chairman, President & CEO
Jancor Companies, Inc.



Archie W. Dunham

(BS Geol 1960, MBA 1966)
Retired Chairman, ConocoPhillips

Robert J. Dye

(BS Chem 1977/OU, MBA/Stanford) 
Retired Sr VP, Global Comms and Corp Affairs, Apache Corp

James R. Erwin

(BS Ind 1967/OU, MBA/ U of Texas)
Director, First Private Bank of Texas


Dr. Lawrence B. Evans

(BS Chem 1956/OU, MS/U of Michigan, PhD/U of Michigan)
Professor Emeritus, Chemical Engineering, MIT

David K. Fagin

(BS Petr 1960)
Former Chairman - Golden Star Resources
President, Homestake Mining

F. Craig Farrill

(BS Elec '74)
Director, Kodiak Networks, Inc. 



David W. Franke

(BS Math 1976, MS CS 1977/Penn State, PhD CS 1998/U of Texas)
Chief Scientist, CarStory/Vroom

Gerald W. Fronterhouse

(BS Petr 1959, MBA 1962/Harvard)
Former Chairman & CEO
Republic Bank

Jennifer L. Gavia

BS CS 2002
Product Owner Data Quality



William L. George

(BS Metallurgical 1964)
Retired Exec VP, President of Operations
ON Semiconductor Corp.

Hemant P. Goradia

Vinmar International, Ltd.

Lawrence H. Hare

(MS & PhD Chem 1976)
Chief Development Officer
Southeastern Universities Res. Assoc.


Jerry D. Holmes

(BS Geol 1958, MS Aero 1964)
Retired Major General, USAF; Retired Sr. VP, Frontier Engineering, Inc.

Richard T. Howell

(BS Ind Mgmt 1962, MBA 1966/UCLA)
Former Chairman and CEO - Convest Energy Corp. & Ret Dir of Bus Dev - Greater Houston Transp. Co. 

Charles R. Jones

(BS Ind 1969)
Retired Partner
Price Waterhouse





Mahendra Joshi

(BS Mech/U of Mumbai, MS Mech/U of Wisconsin, PhD Mech/UCF)
Tech Mgr, Process Engr, GE Global Research, Oil & Gas Tech

William J. Kennedy

(BS Mech 1955/OU, MBA 1960/Harvard)
President & CEO
Sequoyah Group, Inc.

John A. Kenney

(BS Ind 1971, JD 1975)
McAfee & Taft


Michael J. Maples

(BS Elec 1965)
Retired Sr. Vice President
Microsoft Corporation

Thomas H. McCasland, Jr.

(BS Petr 1956)
Chairman of the Board
Mack Energy Company

Jere W. McKenny

(BS Geol 1951, MS Geol 1953)
Retired President
Kerr-McGee Corporation


Shane J. Merz

(BS Mech 1988)
Vice President
MRE Consulting, Ltd.

Keith L. Miller

(MS EPhy 1971)


E. Keith Mitchell

(BS Chem 1984)
Chief Operating Officer
Oklahoma Gas and Electric


Lisa M. Morris

(BS Elec 1991)
Senior Principal Systems Engr. – Space & Airborne Systems
Raytheon Co.

William E. Nasser

(MS Chem 1964)
Retired Chairman
Enchira Biotechnology Corp.

Jay J. O'Neal

(BS Petr 1959)
Investments Management



Michael A. Osborne

(BS Petr 1969)
Former Sr. VP, Planning & Development, Pennzoil Exploration & Production Co

Bill Z. Parker

(BS Petr 1970)
Retired Exec VP, Worldwide Production & Operations
Phillips Petroleum Company

Robert S. Purgason

(BS Chem 1978)
Purgason Management


H. E. Rainbolt

(BBA 1952, MBA 1957)
Chairman of the Board

Steven S. Raybourn

(BS Chem 1978)
Raydon Exploration, Inc.

Malik Sadiq

(BS Elec, MS Ind, PhD Ind/from U of AR)
Global Managing Partner
Great-Doorway Food and Beverage Consulting


Randy Salley

Salley LLC 

Charles L. Schultz

(BS Ind 1970)
Retired Exec VP & CMO
Burlington Northern/Santa Fe

Donna L. Shirley

(BS Aero 1965, BA Journalism 1963)
Retired Manager, Mars Exploration Program, CIT Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Mark D. Smith

(BS Petr 1981)
Former Senior Exec. VP & CFO
California Resources Corp.

Charles C. Stephenson

BoA At-Large (BS Petr 1959)
Retired Chairman, President & CEO, Vintage Petroleum, Inc. 

Bruce H. Stover

(BS Petr 1971)
Retired Sr. VP – Worldwide Business Development
Anadarko Petroleum Corp.


Carl N. Stover

(BS Elec 1963, MS Ind 1969)
Chairman Emeritus,
C. H. Guernsey & Company

Jon A. Warzel

(BS Chem 1986)
Former VP, Planning & Evaluation, Marketing & Midstream Division
Devon Energy Corp.

Randal E. Waters

(BS Elec 1983, MS Elec 1990)
CEO and Founder
PredictView Technologies, Inc.


George R. Wilson

(BS Mech 1987)
President, Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc.

Peter Zogas

Senior VP - Sales & Marketing
National Instruments Corporation