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CEES Facilities

CEES is currently housed in the Carson Engineering Center, the Engineering Laboratory Building and Sarkey's Energy Center on the main campus as well as in the Donald G. Fears Structurual Engineering Laboratory and the National Weather Center on the south research campus.

CEES has two designated research computer laboratories.

The GIS and Environmental Modeling Laboratory and the Geo-Computational Modeling Laboratory are housed in CEC and used for both teaching and research.

In addition, CEES has a student computing laboratory for general purpose usage by all CEES students.

CEES has laboratory facilities for teaching and research in environmental science and engineering, geotechnical engineering and structural engineering.

The traditional wet laboratories in the Carson Engineering Center are associated with teaching and research efforts in environmental science and environmental engineering.

The Donald G. Fears Structural Engineering laboratory is devoted to teaching and research programs in geotechnical and structural engineering.

The Ray Broce Materials laboratory is devoted to teaching and research in asphalt and other transportation materials.