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CEES Graduate Programs

The graduate program in environmental science focuses on expanded applications of core science concepts from chemistry, biology, microbiology, ecology, and hydrology. Students can structure their graduate program to include advanced environmental science courses coupled with basic sciences from outside the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science. This gives the student broad-based training in the sciences underlying processes that occur in the natural environment.

The graduate programs in environmental and civil (water resources) engineering requires coursework on environmental process design for water and wastewater treatment, while also allowing the students to choose elective courses that provide broad-based training in other engineering aspects of the natural environment such as hydrology, ecology, meteorology, and air pollution control.

The environmental science, environmental engineering, and civil (water resources) engineering graduate programs focus on expanding student knowledge relative to the processes governing our ever-changing natural environment. Research efforts include basic laboratory studies, field applications, and numerical modeling. The natural environment, including air, water, and soil, is being increasingly impacted by human activities. The impacts of climate change are being realized in all areas of environmental science such as changing natural ecosystems, and in environmental engineering such as environmental process designs that must now withstand increased temperature extremes.  Numerical modeling of future climate scenarios and their associated impacts on earth’s hydrologic cycle will be integral to future designs of the nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure. The environmental faculty includes civil and environmental engineers collaborating with environmental scientists, hydrologists, chemists, and ecologists, providing students with learning opportunities in both basic and applied environmental research.