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CEES Graduate Programs

CEES at OU has a longstanding tradition of excellence in graduate education in the environmental field and offers degrees at both the master's and doctoral levels in the following areas. Click here for detailed information regarding degree requirements (PDF).

  • Master of Environmental Science
  • Master of Science In Environmental Engineering
  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering - (programs in water resources only)
  • Doctoral degree in Environmental Science
  • Doctoral degree in Environmental Engineering
  • Doctoral degree in Civil Engineering


Environmental related research in CEES covers a wide spectrum. We have a long history of research related to the transport and fate of chemicals in the environment, especially the subsurface environment. CEES expertise covers environmental chemistry, surface chemistry, subsurface microbiology, and hydrogeology. We do significant work related to physical-chemical water and wastewater treatment processes. We also do extensive research on passive treatment systems for contaminated surface waters. Finally, CEES has a strong emphasis on surface water hydrology including inland and coastal flooding, numerical modeling, radar hydrology, remote sensing, and climate change.