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Accelerated Masters Program

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CEES Accelerated BS/MS Program

The combined BS/MS program is offered to qualified undergraduate students in the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, University of Oklahoma, who wish to pursue their graduate education while completing their undergraduate degree requirements. Students accepted into the combined BS/MS program can apply two professional elective courses (six credit hours) to simultaneously satisfy the requirements of both the BS and MS degrees. A list of courses that can be double counted is proivded below.

With proper planning in the final year, students can initiate thesis or non-thesis research in their senior undergraduate year and complete the MS degree in one additional year beyond their BS degree. Architectural Engineering majors will receive a BS in Architectural Engineering and MS in Civil Engineering through this program.  Students interested in pursuing the combined BS/MS program are encouraged to inquire about their eligibility with their faculty advisor. It is suggested that the application process be completed by September 1 of the junior year.

"G" Credit Courses
CEES 4123G         Open Channel Flow
CEES 4243G         WaTER Technologies for Emerging Regions
CEES 4253G         Statistics & Probability
CEES 4263G         Hazardous and Solid Waste Management
CEES 4273G         WaTER Technical Field Methods
CEES 4333G         Foundation Engineering
CEES 4453G         Geomatics Engineering
CEES 4663G         Introduction to Matrix Methods in Structural Analysis
CEES 4753G         Structural Design – Wood
ENGR 4513G         Introduction to Sustainable Engineering