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Undergraduate Advising

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CEES Advising

If you have been admitted to the Gallogly College of Engineering, meet current retention standards, and have no unpaid fines, overdue books or parking tickets you can participate in advance registration. Advance registration for fall  is held during the preceding spring semester, and advance registration for the spring and summer semesters is held during the preceding fall semester. With a few exceptions, advance registration is conducted according to classification and in varying alphabetical order of students' last names.

Prior to the advance registration period, CEES holds advising sessions for all CEES undergraduate students. Advising periods are scheduled each semester.  Students should check their OU e-mail account for the advising schedule.  Students who do not attend one of these advising sessions forfeit their opportunity to register during the advance registration period and will only be advised at the end of the period.

You must sign up for a specific date and time slot using iAdvise. Students who do not sign up for a specific date and time slot through iAdvise cannot be guaranteed advisement on a walk-in basis. Follow the steps below, referring to the PDF screenshots available here, to schedule your advising appointment. 

  1. Log into 
  2. Under Departmental-level Advisement, select your program of study. 
  3. Select Make Group Appointment.
  4. Choose the desired Advising Group Session, and click the corresponding “Make Reservation” button.
  5. Add your phone number, and finalize your advisement appointment by clicking the “Make Reservation” button.
  6. The next window will verify that your reservation has been saved.
  7. You will be sent an email confirmation of your scheduled advising appointment.

Note: Failure to check-in during scheduled advisement time may result in loss of appointment time.

After attending an advising session, special problems or circumstances may necessitate you scheduling an appointment with your faculty advisor.  All CEES students are assigned an individual faculty advisor who can answer questions between advising sessions. Please feel free to contact your faculty advisor for an appointment.  A summary of advising assignments can be found under related links on this page.

  • Bring any syllabi you wish to have evaluated for credit toward your degree.
  • When your enrollment window opens, register for classes via the ONE system for the upcoming term.

Before enrolling in any course, you should determine that you satisfy the course prerequisites. Links to the CEES curriculum flow charts for CEES undergraduate programs as well as course descriptions can be found under "related links" on this page.

Prerequisites are enforced for all classes. You will be administratively removed from any course taken without prior approval.  Remember that a minimum “C” grade is needed in all courses and is a part of the prerequisite.

All students must take one of the following capstone courses prior to graduation:  CEES 4993 (AE Senior Design), CEES 4903 (CE Senior Design),  CEES 4923 (EnvE Senior Design) or CEES 4913 (ES Senior Design). All four courses are offered only in the spring semester and must be taken by students scheduled to graduate that spring semester or the subsequent summer or fall semesters. Students planning to graduate in the summer or fall semesters must have completed 90 credit hours of the Architectural, Civil, or Environmental Engineering or Environmental Science curricula prior to enrolling in their capstone course. All engineering students enrolling in their capstone course are required to attempt the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination. CEES will reimburse a portion of the first examination fee for all CEES students passing the FE examination.

All prereqsuities must be met to enroll in capstone senior design courses.  Following is a list of prerequisites by major.

Architectural Engineering

  • CEES 3363    Soil Mechanics
  • CEES 3361    Soil Mechanics Lab
  • CEES 3673    Structural Design Concrete 1
  • CEES 4113    Building Lighting and Electrical Systems
  • AME 4653     Air Conditioning System Design
  • CEES 4991    Introduction to Architectural Engineering Capstone
  • CEES 4333G  Foundation Engineering (or concurrent enrollment)

Civil Engineering

  • CEES 3213    Water Resources Engineering
  • CEES 3363    Soil Mechanics
  • CEES 3361    Soil Mechanics Lab
  • CEES 3663    Structural Design Steel I or CEES 3673 Structural Design Concrete I
  • CEES 4901    Introduction to Civil Engineering Capstone

Environmental Engineering

  • CEES 3213    Water Resources Engineering
  • CEES 4114    Aquatic Chemistry
  • CEES 4324    Environmental Biology & Ecology
  • CEES 4921    Introduction to Environmental Engineering Capstone
  • CEES 4253G  Statistics and Probability (or concurrent enrollment)

Environmental Science

  • CEES 2323    Environmental Transport & Fate Processes
  • CEES 4114    Aquatic Chemistry
  • CEES 4324    Environmental Biology & Ecology
  • CEES 4911    Introduction to Environmental Science Capstone
  • CEES 4253G  Statistics and Probability (or concurrent enrollment)