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The Center for Restoration of Ecosystems and Watersheds


The University of Oklahoma Center for Restoration of Ecosystems and Watersheds (CREW) conducts research focusing on natural infrastructure and the ecosystem services provided through the conservation of natural systems and the creation and restoration of human-made systems.  In broad terms, CREW research focuses on  watershed biogeochemistry and ecological engineering.   

The faculty, staff and students of CREW seek to understand:

  • The biogeochemical transport and fate of materials and energy in all environmental media on the watershed-scale, with a focus on water quality in drastically disturbed catchments.
  • The opportunities and challenges presented by ecological engineering, the design of sustainable ecosystems integrating society and the natural environment for mutual benefit, with emphasis on mine water passive treatment systems, stream and wetland restoration, and similar ecotechnologies.  


Mayer Ranch Passive Treatment System at the Tar Creek Superfund Site near Commerce, OK. Photo taken by CREW small Unmanned Aerial System.