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CREW Alumni

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CREW Alumni

Research Staff

Bryan A. Page, 2016-18
Research Scientist, passive treatment system operation and maintenance

Julie A. LaBar, 2007-10
Research Scientist, analytical laboratory management and oversight, general research coordination 

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Chever H. Kellogg, PhD, 2006-07
U.S. EPA-funded post-doctoral position

Aisling D. O'Sullivan, PhD, 2001-03
Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship, National University of Ireland

Visiting Scholars

Mingliang Zhang, PhD, 2017-18
Professor, University of Jinan in Jinan, China.  Optimization of performance of sulfate-reducing bioreactors for mine drainage treatment; supported by China Scholarship Council

Jiao Gu, 2016-17
PhD student, Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Reservoir eutrophication and ecological restoration research; supported by University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Completed Graduate Students


Olivia Overton, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Effects of Hydraulic Design and Retention Time on Removal of Constituents of Emerging Concern from Secondarily Treated Wastewater Effluent in Treatment Wetland Mesocosms
Current Position: Engineer I, Freese and Nichols



David Wilcox, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Ecosystem metabolism as a tool to evaluate conservation easement sucess in the Horse Creek watershed of Grand Lake o' the Cherokees, Oklahoma
Current Position: Environmental Monitoring Specialisit, Loudoun County Landfill

Nick Shepard, PhD Dissertation (Environmental Engineering)
Development of Ecological Engineering Solutions to Mine Water Biogeochemistry and Hydrology Challenges
Current Position: Environmental Engineer, Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc.


Carles Crespo-Azorin Martinez, MS Thesis (Civil Engineering – Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain)
Channel Stability Assessment and Ecological Restoration Design on the Baron Fork River, Adair County, Oklahoma (USA)
Current Position:

Justine McCann, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Assessing Risk and Potential Reuse of Hard Rock Mine Drainage Passive Treatment Residual Solids
Current Position: PhD Student, CREW  

Carlton A. Folz, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Temporal and Spatial Variations in Sediment Trace Metal Concentrations in Streams, Rivers, and a Reservoir near a Derelict Lead-Zinc Mining District
Current Position: Staff Scientist - Transportation, HRGreen

Brandon Holzbauer-Schweitzer, PhD Dissertation (Environmental Science)
Expanding In-Situ Surface Water Quality Monitoring Techniques for Optically Complex Inland Waters Utilizing Small Unoccupied Aerial Systems (sUAS).
Current Position:Process Scientist, Linkan Engineering

Nikhila Gollakota, MS Coursework (Environmental Science)
Current Position: PhD Student, Texas A&M University


J.D. Ingendorf, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Biological Sulfate Removal Using Waste Organic Substrates in Continuous Flow-Through Columns Simulating Mine Water Vertical Flow Bioreactors
Current Position: Environmental Scientist, Alpha Testing Inc.  

Harper Stanfield, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Assessing the Potential for Beneficial Reuse of Passively-Treated Mine Waters for Livestock Watering and Crop Irrigation
Current Position: Environmental Engineer, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Juan Arango, PhD Dissertation (Environmental Engineering)
Use of Small Unoccupied Aerial System Multispectral Imagery to Address Optical and Non-Optical Water Quality Parameters in Watershed Restoration
Current Position: Compliance Science Water Ecologist, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Zepei Tang, PhD Dissertation (Environmental Engineering)
Phosphorus, Iron and Trace Metal Interactions at the Sediment Layer-Water Column Interface: The Potential Role of Recovered Mine Drainage Residuals
Current Position: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, North Carolina A&T State University


Dayton M'Kenzie Dorman, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
The Role of Solar-Powered Float-Mix Aerators on Iron Retention in Passive Treatment Oxidation Ponds
Current Position:  PhD student, CREW


Noah Berg-Mattson, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Evaluation of Catchment-Scale Stormwater Runoff Management on First-Flush Water Quality and Storm Discharge Quantity
Current Position: Industrial Hygienist II, New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Taylor Wall, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Quantifying Solar-Powered Removal of Aqueous and Gaseous Sulfide in a Mine Water Passive Treatment System
Current Position: Consultant Engineer, FM Global

Derrick X. Nguyen, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Evaluation of Stormwater Treatment by Various Reactive Media for Bioretention Cell Design Considerations
Current Position: Nurse, Integris Baptist Medical Center

Amy L. Sikora, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Soil Trace Metals Concentrations in a Mining-Impacted Agricultural Watershed: Comparison of Analytical Methods, Geospatial Distribution and Evaluation of Risk
Current Position: Environmental Engineer, Washington Department of Natural Resources


Nick Shepherd, MS Thesis (Civil Engineering – Water Resources)
The Effects of Castor canadensis (North American Beaver) Colonization on a Mine Drainage Impacted Stream
Current Position: Environmental Engineer, Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc.

Ellen Fielding, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Sorption and Release of Nickel and Zinc Using a Mixed Algae Community Collected from a Mine Drainage Passive Treatment System
Current Position: Hydrologist, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Erin Thornton, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Microcosm Assessment of Natural Processes Affecting Chemicals of Emerging Concern in Secondary Effluent
Current Position: Environmental Engineer, Koch Industries

Kandace Steele, MS Coursework (Environmental Science)
Current Position: Lecturer, California State University - San Bernardino and Adjunct Professor, Mt. San Jacinto College


Leah R. Oxenford, PhD Dissertation (Environmental Science)
Iron Transport and Removal Dynamics in the Oxidative Units of a Passive Treatment System
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Bryan J. Page, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Quantifying Hydraulic Conductivity in Mine Drainage Passive Treatment System Vertical Flow Bioreactors
Current Position: Red River Environmental Laboratory and Consulting

Brandon K. Holzbauer-Schweitzer, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Evaluating Low Impact Development Best Management Practices as an Alternative to Traditional Urban Stormwater Management
Current Position: PhD student, CREW

Julie A. LaBar, PhD Dissertation (Environmental Science)
Determination and Prediction of Products of Trace Metal Removal in Laboratory and Field Scale Vertical Flow Bioreactors
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Oklahoma State University


Juan G. Arango Calderon, MS Thesis (Civil Engineering – Water Resources)
Prediction of Secchi Disk Measurements in Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees, Lake Hudson and Lake Texoma Using Landsat 7 Images
Current Position: Compliance Science Water Ecologist, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Russell C. Dutnell, PhD Dissertation (Environmental Engineering)
Investigation of the Hydrology, Fluvial Geomorphology and Sediment Transport in the Lake Thunderbird Watershed in Central Oklahoma
Current Position: Riverman Engineering, LLC and Adjunct Instructor, OU CEES

Michael Rice, MS Special Topics (Environmental Engineering)
An Evaluation of Retrofitting Best Management Practices for Stormwater Quality Improvement
Current Position: Project Engineer, David Evans and Associates, Inc.

Brandi Dittrich, MS Special Topics (Environmental Engineering)
Development of Environmental Guidelines for Habitable Structures on Grand Lake o' the Cherokees (R.C. Knox, advisor)


Brendan Furneaux, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Biodiversity Assessment of an Ecological Engineered Treatment System for Metals-Contaminated Mine Drainage
Current Position: PhD student, Uppsala University

Jessica D. Brumley, PhD Dissertation (Environmental Science)
Application of Ecosystem Energetic Indicators for the Evaluation of Ecosystems Services and Health
Current Position: Assistant Professor, East Central University


Sarah Yepez, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Nuisance Constituent Export from a Mine Drainage Passive Treatment System
Current Position: Hydrologic Scientist, Oklahoma Water Survey


Alea D. Smith, MS Special Topics (Environmental Science)
Treatment Wetlands for Wastewater Management in Developing Countries
Current Position: Tetra Tech, Inc.

Jennifer M. McAllister, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Metal Uptake and Accumulation of Emergent Macrophytes in Communities of Varied Biodiversity
Current Position: Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

William J. Andrews, PhD Dissertation (Environmental Science)
Plant Uptake, Time Trends and Natural Attenuation of Selected Metals in an Abandoned Mining District
Current Position: U.S. Geological Survey< Oklahoma Water Science Center


Alex J. Brewer, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Evaluation of Risk Posed by Traditional Uses of Plants in a Mining Impacted Landscape
Current Position: Instructor, Portland State University

Beatriz E. Santamaria, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Evaluating Longevity of Vertical Flow Cells through Water Quality and Substrate Analysis
Current Position: Senior Environmental Engineer, Enterprise Products

Cody A. "Buck" Neely, PE, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Characterization and Possible Sustainable Sorbent Use of Iron Oxides from Abandoned Mine Drainage Discharges
Current Position: Senior Environmental Engineer, BioMost, Inc..

Alan E. Garrido, , MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Acid Mine Drainage Impacts on Irrigation Water, Agricultural Soils and Potato Tubers, and Human Health Risk Evaluation in Rural Communities of the Bolivian Andes
Current Position: Professor, University Corporation of Huila - Corhuila, Colombia

William H.J. Strosnider, PhD Dissertation (Environmental Engineering)
Augmenting the Applicability and Efficiency of Ecological Engineering Solutions for Water Quality Improvement
Current Position: Director, Baruch Marine Field Laboratory and Associate Professor, University of South Carolina

Dane M. Morris, PE, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Evaluation of Fluvial Transport of Mining Wastes in a Reach of Tar Creek, Ottawa County, Oklahoma (K.A. Strevett, advisor)
Current Position: Project Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Darcy L. Lutes, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Assessment of Metal Bioavailability and Toxicity in Mine Drainage Systems
Current Position: Environmental Scientist, Formation Environmental, LLC

Jonathan Clifton, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Using Rapid Bioassessment to Measure Biological Quality of Streams in Northeastern Oklahoma (K.A. Strevett, advisor)

Kyle B. Kauk, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Impact of Stream Morphology on Ecological Quality within the Cross Timbers Ecoregion of Oklahoma (K.A. Strevett, advisor)
Current Position: EHS Specialist, Intensity Midstream


MaKenzie M. Roberts, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Characterizing Passive Treatment Systems Using Molecular Techniques
Current Position: Oklahoma City-County Health Department

Alissa N. Sutter, PE, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
A Hydrological Study of Mine-Surface Water Distribution and Interactions in the Beaver Creek Watershed, Ottawa County, OK (K.A. Strevett, advisor)
Current Position: Environmental Engineer, HydroGeoLogic Inc


Dave M. Hensley, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Mussels as Passive Water Filters
Current Position: Physical Scientist (Environmental), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Julie A. LaBar, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Fate and Transport of Contaminants from Mining Waste Materials in Surface and Ground Water Environments
Current Position: Assistant Profesor, Oklahoma State University

Kyle M. Walker, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Stream Restoration Design of a Tributary in the Tar Creek Watershed, Ottawa County, Oklahoma (K.A. Strevett, advisor)


Rebecca L. White, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Revegetation of Abandoned Pb-Zn Tailings Impoundments with Native Tall Grass Prairie Vegetation
Current Position: Formation Environmental, LLC

Christina F. Gause, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Environmental Analyses of Mining Waste Materials Used in Asphalt

Tyson L. Traw, PE, MS Special Topics (Civil Engineering - Water Resources)
Engineering Design Report for the Robson Ranch Offsite Water Line
Current Position: Biggs and Mathews Consulting Engineers and Hydrogeologists

Deren M. Ertugrul, PE, MS Thesis (Environmental Engineering)
Investigation of Mine Pool Interactions with Surface Relief Mechanisms (K.A. Strevett, advisor)
Current Position: Vice President, E & E Engineering and Associates


Clinton D. Cook, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
The Occurrence of Cryptosporidium and Fecal Bacteria in Lake Thunderbird (K.A. Strevett, advisor)
Current Position: Environmental Programs Manager, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality


Jennifer Coffey, MS Special Topics (Environmental Science)
Natural Resource Damage Assessment Case Study of the Tar Creek Superfund Site

Clint M. Porter, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Impacts of Treated and Untreated Coal Mine Drainage on Biological Organization and Evaluation of Ecosystem Functions in a Constructed Treatment Wetland
Current Position: President, Blackbird Environmental, LLC


Denae Athay, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Water Quality and Substrate Analysis of an Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Wetland System
Current Position: QA/QC Manager, Creston Environmental

Benjamin Winter, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Tire Mattress Effectiveness on Oklahoma Stream Bank Restoration and Stabilization
Current Position: Owner, Endurance Medical

Niki Iverson, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Ecological Assessment of Three Oklahoma Streams Impacted by Mine Drainage
Current Position: Water Resources Manager, City of Hillsboro, OR

Virginia B. Arvidson, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Zinc Retention Using Limestone and Mining Waste Rock in Closed Reactors

Russell A. Garrett, MS Special Topics (Environmental Science)
Passive Treatment System Preliminary Engineering Design


Christopher R. DuBois, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
A Comparative Evaluation of Wetland Assessment Methods for Use in Oklahoma
Current Position: Restoration Coordinator, The Nature Conservancy


Erin E. Breetzke, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Development and Implementation of a Wetland Volunteer Monitoring Pilot Program
Current Position: Public school teacher, Worthington, MN

Matthew N. Mercer, MS Thesis (Environmental Science)
Evaluating the Performance of Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Wetlands Supplemented with Coal Combustion Products and Alternative Organic Substrates
Current Position: Director of Safety, U.S. Air Force, Air Logistics Complex, Tinker Air Force Base


F. Richard Walker, MS Special Topics (Environmental Science)
Industrial Waste Pit #1 at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma: Why Ex Situ Disposal?

Jennifer L. Halstead, MS Special Topics (Environmental Science)
Using Environmental Laws and Federal Funding to Remedy Wastewater Problems: Oklahoma’s Clean Water State Revolving Loan Program
Current Position: Vice President and Texas Environmental Planning Director, HNTB