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Ji Hwan Park

Ji Hwan Park

Ji Hwan Park

Assistant Professor

Office: Devon Energy Hall Room 210-B


Ph.D., Computer Science 
Stony Brook University
M.S., Digital Media
KAIST, Daejeon, South Korea
B.S., Computer Engineering
Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea

Research Focus

  • Data Visualization, Visual Analytics, VR/AR, Human-computer interaction, Machine learning

Experience and Awards

  • Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma
  • Assistant Computational Scientist, Computational Science Initiative, Brookhave National Laboratory
  • Research Associate, Computational Science Initiative, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Dr. Ji Hwan Park is an assistant professor in the School of Computer Science at the University of Oklahoma (OU). Before joining OU, he was an assistant computational scientist at Brookhaven National Lab. He earned his Ph.D. under prof. Arie Kaufman at Stony Brook University. His research interests are visual analytics, data visualization, VR/AR, machine learning/deep learning, and human computer interaction. Dr. Park has served as a review for IEEE VIS, IEEE VR, EuroVis, PacificVIS, IEEE CG&A, MDPI Healthcare, MDPI Journal of Imaging, Future Generation Computer Systems, and The Journal of Supercomputing.

  • Ji Hwan Park, Saad Nadeem, Saeed Boorboor, Joseph Marino, and Arie Kaufman, "CMed: Crowd Analytics for Medical Imaging Data", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 27(6), pp 2869–2880, 2021
  • Siwu Liu, Ji Hwan Park, and Shinjae Yoo, "Efficient and Effective Graph Convolution Networks", SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, 2020
  • Ji Hwan Park, Ievgeniia Gutenko, and Arie Kaufman, "Transfer Function-Guided Saliency-Aware Compression for Transmitting Volumetric Data", IEEE Transaction on Multimedia, 22(9), pp 2262–2277, 2020
  • Ji Hwan Park, Han Eol Cho, Jong Hun Kim, Melanie Wall, Yaakov Stern, Hynsun Lim, Shinjae Yoo, Hyoung-Seop Kim, Jiook Cha, "Machine learning prediction of incidence of Alzheimer's disease using large-scale administrative health data", npj Digital Medicine, 3, 46, 2020
  • Ji Hwan Park, Saad Nadeem, and Arie Kaufman, "GeoBrick: Exploration of Spatio-Temporal Data", The Visual Computer, 35(2), pp 191–204, 2018
  • Ji Hwan Park, Arie Kaufman, and Klaus Mueller, "Graphoto: Aesthetically Pleasing Charts for Casual Information Visualization", IEEE Computer Graphics and Application, 38(6), pp 67–82, 2018
  • Ji Hwan Park, Saad Nadeem, Seyedkoosha Mirhosseini, and Arie Kaufman, "C2A: Crowd Consensus Analytics for Virtual Colonoscopy", IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), pp. 21-30, 2016