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Computer Science Research

Each of these research areas brings a unique perspective and expertise to the School of Computer Science, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and technology in their respective areas of focus.

Algorithms & High-Performance Computing

Professional coding. Stock photo: procreator-ux-design-studio

This area is dedicated to advancing the field of algorithms and high-performance computing. It focuses on developing efficient algorithms and computing solutions that power various applications in diverse domains, from optimization and parallel computing to graph theory and computational geometry.

Contributing Faculty

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Robot hand and human hand. Stopck photo: pexels-cottonbro-studio

Bringing innovation to the realm of artificial intelligence and machine learning, this interdisciplinary team explores cutting-edge techniques to enhance automation, prediction, and decision-making. Their research spans natural language processing, deep learning, computer vision, and the development of intelligent systems.

Contributing Faculty

Bioinformatics / Computational Biology / Neuroscience

Person in lab looking through microscope. Stock photo: pexels

This group pioneers research at the intersection of computer science and life sciences. Focused on bioinformatics, computational biology, and neuroscience, their collaborative efforts drive advancements in understanding biological processes, genomic analysis, and brain modeling through computational approaches.

Contributing Faculty

Computer Science Education

Students experiment with different programming languages during Engineering Days.

Committed to enhancing computer science education, this team delves into effective teaching methodologies and curriculum design. Their research contributes to the improvement of computer science education at all levels, empowering future generations of tech innovators.

Contributing Faculty

Computer Security & Cryptography

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, this group plays a vital role in safeguarding digital systems and communications. Their research covers various aspects of computer security, cryptography, and data privacy, addressing emerging threats and developing resilient solutions.

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Databases & Data Mining

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With a focus on managing and extracting insights from vast datasets, this group specializes in databases and data mining. Their research encompasses database management, data warehousing, and innovative data mining techniques that contribute to informed decision-making across industries.

Contributing Faculty

Networks / Networking

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In an increasingly interconnected world, this group explores networking technologies and solutions to facilitate seamless communication. Their research ranges from wireless and mobile networks to network protocols and performance optimization, ensuring efficient data transmission and connectivity.

Contributing Faculty

Visualization / Visual Analytics

Person holding data visualization screen. Stock photo: freepik

Visualizing complex data is at the heart of this group's research. By developing advanced visualization techniques and visual analytics tools, they enable users to gain insights from intricate datasets, making information accessible and actionable across disciplines.

Contributing Faculty