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Minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering (N350)

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers a program of study that allows students with similar math/science backgrounds to progress deeply into ECE subject areas that have strong relevance to their Major Degree and Career Objectives.

All upper division ECE courses are available as electives to this Minor Program.  After completing the three Core Courses students must follow already established prerequisite guidelines to enroll.  Candidates can be advised into course sequences to gain depth of understanding in such areas as Signal/Image Processing, Energy, Solid State, Digital Systems, Communications, Bioengineering and Radar. 

Completion of 19 Credit Hours of ECE Courses is required for the Minor, nine of which must be Upper Division.  Three Core Courses are required of all candidates:  ECE 2713*, 2214, and 2723.  Upper Division (Elective)Courses may be chosen from any posted ECE course offerings with the proviso that all stated Math, Physics, CS, and ECE prerequisites are also completed.  Except for ECE courses, prerequisites are not countable hours toward the Minor.  Minor students may take (but will not be required to take) any Laboratory courses other than the introductory work in 2214.

There are no stipulated tracks or areas of interest associated with this minor.  However students who complete the core courses can matriculate to advanced elective classes in number of technical areas by including certain prerequisite courses.  For instance:

Area of Interest

Advanced Elective

Prerequisite Elective(s)


4823 Engineering Principles of the Human Body



4523 Introduction to Communication Theory


Controls / Robotics

4413 Intro Control Sys Engr and/or 4973 Robotics


Digital Systems

4623 Computer Hardware Design

3223, 4613


4813 Electronics



4113 Analysis of Electrical Transmission

3613, 3113

Microwave Systems

4973 rf and Microwave Engineering


Signal Processing

4213 Digital Signal Proc’g, 4973 Adaptive Array Proc’g


Solid State

3323 Intro Solid State Elect Dev or 4383 I/C Fab Tech

3613, 3113


4663 Radar Engineering


Students pursuing the ECE Minor are welcomed to participate in ECE Group Advising sessions each semester for advisement into specific electives, using the Table below for discussion.

Core Courses (10 Hours)

Upper Division Elective Courses (9 Hours)


Digital Signals and Filtering




Introduction to Digital Design




Electric Circuits I



* Introductory prerequisites (ENGR 1411/3511) waived for Non-Engineering Candidate

Students may officially declare their intent to pursue a Minor in ECE (N350) at the Williams Student Services Center (WSSC) in Felgar 112.

The requirements for a minor must be completed concurrently with the major degree requirements. No minor may be added by completing courses after receiving the bachelor’s degree. The ECE Minor is available to all undergraduate students at OU.

If the minor is officially declared, successfully completed, and noted on the graduation application, the  student's transcript will so indicate at the time their bachelor's degree is posted.