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Bachelor of Science, CpE

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Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering

CpE students may select courses totaling 6 credit hours from non-required ECE or CS upper division (3xxx or higher) courses. ECE policy is to not permit undergraduates to enroll in graduate (5xxx or 6xxx) courses unless they have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better. Student selections of ECE and CS Electives must satisfy a minimum depth credit requirement of 1.5 hours. This list identifies the depth credit portions of regularly offered ECE electives approved for this degree. Click here for a current CpE checksheet.

One professional elective course must be taken from the list of categories below:

1. ENGL 3153, MGT 3013, ENT 4503, MS 4223, or NS 4633
2. Any non-required, upper division course in PHYS, ECE, CS, ENGR, AME, CEES, CHE, ISE, P E
3. Any non-required, upper division course in MATH except MATH 4733 or MATH 4753
4. Other non-required 3000-level or higher course with ECE Undergraduate Studies Committee Approval

Degree Restrictions: The majority of your technical and professional electives should be classroom-based lecture courses that are focused on technical subject matter. To ensure this, the following restrictions apply to the 4 technical electives and 1 professional elective:

No more than 6 total hours (2 of the 5 technical/professional elective courses) can be from the following courses: AME 3013, ECE 3440, ECE 3960, ECE 3970, ECE 3980, ECE 3990, ECE 4960, ECE 4970, ECE 4973, ECE 4990, ECE 5283, ECE 5880, ECE 5960, ECE 5970, ECE 5973, ECE 5990, ENGL 3153, MGT 3013, ENT 4503, NS 4633, ENGR 4003, ENGR 4013, or ENGR 4510.


Technical Electives:

CpE students must take four ECE/CS technical elective courses (see information below).

  • At least one of the technical electives must be an ECE upper division, non-required course.
  • The other 3 technical electives can be any ECE or CS upper division, non-required course.
  • Up to two of the technical electives may be at the 3xxx level.
  • Undergraduates can enroll in 5xxx level graduate courses if they have a GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • BS/MS accelerated program students must enroll in the 5xxx level section of slash listed (4xxx level/5xxx level) courses. Other undergraduate students should enroll in the 4xxx level section of slash listed courses.

Each of the four Gen Ed elective courses (labeled with a 5 on the flowchart) must be selected from the University-wide lists of courses found at: One course must be taken from each of the following categories: Social Science, Understanding Artistic Forms, Western Civilization & Culture, and Non-western Culture. One Gen Ed elective is required to be upper division (i.e. 3000 level or higher level). Gen Ed questions should be addressed to Williams Student Services advisors.