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Apply to Electrical and Computer Engineering

We're so excited you're considering the University of Oklahoma, one of Princeton Review’s top public universities in the nation in terms of academic excellence and cost for students. The first step on your path to becoming a Sooner is to apply! Each application is read thoroughly, thoughtfully and fairly to evaluate all-around excellence in academics, the arts, athletics, leadership, service, citizenship and character.

If you decide this is the right fit for you, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Apply early for scholarships.
    All OU scholarship applications are through CASH (Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub) and are now closed for the 2020-2021 academic year. CASH will reopen in October 2021 for students to begin applying for 2021-2022 scholarships.
  • Our application includes an essay.
    Connect with the OU Writing Center for all of your scholarship essay writing needs. Many of the scholarship essays will ask you to write about your financial need, career goals, and reasons for applying for a scholarship. Why not get a head start on those essays now?
  • Focus on your studies. Academic rigor is important.

ECE Graduate Application Deadlines

  • For Fall semesters, ECE will consider only the applications received in the Admissions Office no later than March 1 if seeking financial aid. There will be a floating deadline for all others, although the Admission Office's deadline of April 1 for international applications will still apply.
  • For Spring semesters, ECE will consider only the applications received in the Admissions Office no later than September 1.
  • For Summer semesters, only faculty sponsored applicants will be considered for possible summer admission.

Master's Program Admission Grade Requirements For Possible Full Admission

Applicants must have marks or GPA equivalent to a "B" average, either in the last 60 hours of course work for U.S. transcripts or in the last two years for international transcripts/mark sheets. For international students who are graded by the British or "class" system, the last two years must be First Class scores (minimum of 60%). If the last two years of marks are below 60%, the application will be automatically denied.

PhD Program Admission

The Master's Program admission minimums apply, although there will be higher expectations for Ph.D. admission, especially if directly applying without a Master's degree. If the applicant possesses a Master's degree, a 3.50 or higher GPA is usually expected in the Master's.

Additional Required Materials for Review Of All Applications

To have your application reviewed as early as possible, send these materials promptly:

  • Official or certified GRE (Graduate Record Examination) general exam score report.ECE accepts any version of the test that ETS administers. ETS sends two copies of the GRE report, one to the Graduate College Office (which is forwarded to the department/school) and another directly to the department/school.
  • Three official letters of recommendation in an acceptable format, uploaded to the online application. Click here for the official recommendation form (PDF).
  • Statement of purpose.

Tips about the GRE:

There is no absolute minimum requirement for the GRE exam (being a screening device and considered as part of the whole), but the reviewers' typical approach is the following:

  • Verbal - No emphasis on this part (but still prepare and do not skip)
  • Quantitative - Usually expected in the range of 700-720 or better
  • Analytical (pre-October 2002 version and the current Analytical Writing) - Usually expected in the upper 50% for MS admission and in the upper 25% for PhD admission.

All parts of the application are reviewed in detail. As can be anticipated, there are more stringent expectations for PhD applicants.