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Student Organizations

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Student Organizations

There are many great student organizations at OU for Engineering Physics students. A few of the larger organizations are listed below. See a full list of engineering student organizations.

E1 is a social organization dedicated to helping first year engineering students get used to life at OU.

SeeS (Sooner Elementary Engineering and Science Club) is an organizations at the University of Oklahoma that gets college students involved in the local community and elementary school students more involved in science and engineering. Once a month SeeS goes to seven local elementary schools and performs basic interactive experiments/lessons with the children for an hour after their regular school day. Students lead the experiments and volunteers are always needed and appreciated. For more information please visit the SeeS website.

SPS (The OU Society of Physics Students) is the University of Oklahoma chapter of the National Society of Physics Students, a daughter organization of the American Institute of Physics. SPS is a professional society for students of physics, and anyone interested in physics. The goals of the Society include fostering an interest in physics and physics research, promoting friendship among physics students and between students and faculty, and providing information to students about graduate school, grants, scholarships, and research opportunities.

E-Club is the official organization of OU's College of Engineering. E-Club was founded in 1910 and is today, one of the largest student organizations on campus, consisting of over 3000 members of which 500 are currently active.