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Undergraduate Capstone

The objective of the Senior Design capstone course is to familiarize industrial and systems engineering undergraduate students with the problems of industrial practice, and to put to use the accumulated education and experience of your Industrial and Systems Engineering classes.

Recent projects (PDF) demonstrate how organizations of all types can benefit from industrial and systems engineering. A trim-room process optimized by ISE seniors allowed a local meat-packing company to meet increased demand without adding costly space to their facility. At a southwest Oklahoma emergency room, students proposed a process designed to cut patients’ average waiting time by 50 percent. And for a number of years, students have gained experience in the nonprofit sector through work at a regional food bank, from improving warehouse layout to designing a new conveyor system for sorting donating goods. In fact, a capstone project with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma was profiled in Industrial Engineer (PDF), the professional magazine of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, in 2004.

Students in the senior design program receive guidance from both professors and company sponsors. This collaboration between the academic and business communities benefits the students through close integration of theory and practice, and it benefits the companies through faculty expertise and university resources. Students and company sponsors can be confident that their solutions are academically sound, practical, and relevant.

Perspectives on the ISE Senior Design Program

"Every time we work with a set of students we are amazed by the talent, knowledge and enthusiasm they bring to the project."
Steve Moran, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

"I learned to adapt to a broad range of situations, to build rapport with employees, and to relay technical information in an efficient manner to decision makers."
Teal Carlock, B.S. 2004, M.S. 2005
Pricing Analyst with ABF Freight System