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Courses and Electives

Standard Industrial & Systems Engineering Option

Students must complete Electives from the following categories: ISE, Technical, and Math. The specific number of electives required depends on your curriculum option and year.

ISE Electives may be selected from any ISE course in the curriculum at the 4000 or 5000 level. Courses that are part of your required undergraduate curriculum or are cross-listed with undergraduate required courses may not be used. Refer to the course catalog for a complete listing of ISE courses.

Course NumberClass
ISE 5633Supply Chain Management & Transportation
ISE 5663Simulation I
ISE 5743Management of the Engineering Function
ISE 5813Information Ergonomics
ISE 5970Intelligent Data Analytics
ISE 5970Tolerances and Metrology Systems
Course NumberClass
ISE 4970Seminar in ISE
ISE 5123Software Tools for Decision Support
ISE 5323Advanced Production Systems and Operations
ISE 5343Reliability in Engineering Design
ISE 5643Engineering Optimization
ISE 5673Simulation II
ISE 5713Engineering Project Management
ISE 5970Advanced Analytics and Metaheuristics
ISE 6970Preparing for Life in Academia

Any course in the College of Engineering that is numbered 3000 or above may be used as a technical elective. Non-required Industrial Engineering courses can count as Technical electives. Additional courses that may be used as a Technical elective are:

Course NumberClass
ACCT 3313Cost Accounting
FIN 4303Advanced Business Finance                                                            
MGT 3363Organizational Behavior
MGT 4513Organizational Design & Theory                                                       
SCM 3223Logistics Management
CS 2413Data Structures
ENGL 3153Technical Writing
ECON 4223Econometric Analysis
Course NumberClass
MATH 3333Linear Algebra I (strongly recommended)
MATH 3113Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations                                   
MATH 3413Physical Mathematics I             
MATH 3513Foundations of Analysis
MATH 3613Modern Geometry
MATH 4433Introduction to Analysis I
MATH 2513Discrete Mathematical Structures

Other courses can be considered for elective credit by obtaining permission from the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering's Undergraduate Committee.

Industrial and Systems Engineering Information Technology Option

  • Students do not take ISE Electives, Technical Electives, or Math Electives. Instead, they select three (3) CS Electives (courses beginning with CS and numbered 3000 or above).
  • All students must complete an application to take CS upper division electives. The list of CS electives is limited due to the CS course prerequisites - you can contact the School of Computer Science on these courses, if you have questions.
  • Students are encouraged to take CS 3053 (Human Computer Interaction) as an elective since the course helps bridge the gap between ISE and CS.