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Janet Allen

Janet K. Allen

Janet K. Allen

Professor, John and Mary Moore Chair

Office: Carson Engineering Center 124
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PhD University of California at Berkeley

S.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Janet co-directs the Systems Realization Laboratory @ OU (SRL@OU) with her husband, Professor Farrokh Mistree, who holds the L.A. Comp Chair in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. The SRL@OU is a multicultural, multidisciplinary academic family focused on educating the next generation of professors. They provide an opportunity for every member to learn how to dream, rise to his/her full potential and contribute to the scholarship associated with the realization of complex engineered systems. Mistree and Allen hypothesize that ALL grand challenges can be modeled as Cyber-Physical-Social (CPS) systems. Hence, their interest in evolving CPS. They seek to model evolving CPS systems as multi-echelon networks of services thereby ensuring the computational platform to be used to design and manage an evolving CPS is agnostic to domains of application. The Allen-Mistree education focus is on creating and implementing courses aimed at educating strategic engineers—those who have developed the competencies to create value in digitally transforming enterprises through the realization of complex engineered systems.

Research Domains

Platformization: Knowledge-based platform for decision support in the design of engineered systems

  • Predictive analytics: Simulation of future outcomes using limited data
  • Knowledge-based management of computational complexity and risk
  • Knowledge-based exploration of the solution space

Disruptive innovation in an evolving cyber-physical-social space

  • Sustainment: Dynamic management fail-safe supply networks
  • Rural development: Evolving food-energy-water nexus for sustainable development
  • Towards a hydrogen economy: Monetization of investment by industry, an equitable social return of investment for the government and community
  • Staged development: Greenhouse gas monitoring and abatement
  • Modernization policy: Dynamic management of maintenance, repair, and overhaul


  • Contextual assessment of student learning through reflection on doing

ISE Impact Domains

Experience and Distinctions

  • Norman Campus-Wide Research and Creativity Award, 2021
  • ASME Ruth and Joel Spiro Outstanding Design Educator Award, 2019
  • Georgia Tech, Professor Emerita, 2009
  • ASME Fellow, 2005
  • AIAA Senior Member, 2003