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Research Highlights

 juvenile Apatosaurus at Sam Noble Museum of Natural History

Virtual Reconstruction of a Juvenile Apatosaurus in collaboration with the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History has collected limited number of bones (15%) from a juvenile Apatosaurus and are in the process of reconstructing the entire skeletal structure. Several ISE students (Aimee Dilley-Jones, Laura Friend and Jacob Ferguson) guided by Drs. Starly and Raman are helping the paleontologists to virtually reconstruct the remaining bone structure using existing data and domain specific knowledge. The students have used state-of-the-art reverse engineering software and hardware technologies to collect point cloud data of existing bone structure and processed them to obtain virtual digital models. Computer aided design(CAD) software and rapid prototyping technologies are being extensively used to reconstruct the entire juvenile structure. The traditional techniques of clay modeling, molding and casting are cumbersome and time consuming. The new digitally enabled process will significantly cut down the modeling and fabrication timeline.


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