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Undergraduate Programs

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BS in Biomedical Engineering

We offer:

  • A standard first year engineering sequence, including chemistry, physics, mathematics, and introductory engineering courses, including a biomedical engineering course.
  • The second year coursework will expand to include biology, computer programming, electrical circuits, statistics, and two biomedical engineering courses.
  • In the third year, emphasis is placed on core biomedical engineering courses. Students take biomechanics, biomedical instrumentation, numerical methods, biotransport, biomaterials, and quantitative physiology. Students are also required to take three corresponding lab courses.
  • A significant feature of the fourth year is a 2-semester team design project and capstone experience. 

Biomedical engineering courses taken during junior year are intended to build on previous engineering and life science courses to truly integrate engineering with biology and medicine. They are also pathways to advanced biomedical engineering courses and research, allowing students the flexibility to individualize their curriculum to meet their career objectives.  

Students are required to complete electives in the third and fourth years (four BME electives and two engineering, math, or science elective), which provide students the opportunity to focus on specific areas within BME; to study areas of engineering, science, and math in more depth; and to pursue research/design projects.

Craig Swan
Senior Academic Counselor
Phone:(405) 325-4096
Office: FH, Rm 112

Majors Advised:
Biomedical Engineering (last names I-Z)
Chemical Engineering (last names I-Z)

Ann Gettys

Assistant Director of Data Projects & Senior Academic Advisor
Phone: (405) 325-4096
Office: FH, Rm 112

Majors Advised:
Biomedical Engineering (last names A-H)
Chemical Engineering (last names A-H)