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Competition Teams

Boomer Rocket Team
OU Boomer Rocket Team (BRT)

OU Rocket Team Club is an interdisciplinary academic team in which students design, build, and launch high-powered rockets. The team trains and certifies members to build rockets, compete nationally in various events, and take on experimental independent projects.

Concrete Canoe Team
Concrete Canoe

The ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition provides students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on practical experience while testing their skills with concrete mix designs and project management challenges. This elite competition combining engineering excellence, hydrodynamic design, and racing technique is known as the "America's Cup of Civil Engineering." The team welcomes students from other departments to get a diverse set of perspectives.

Design Build Fly Team
OU Design/Build/Fly (DBF)

This is The University of Oklahoma competitive AIAA Design, Build, Fly team. We provide the opportunity for students interested in the Aerospace Industry to get hands on experience. This team's goal is to design, construct, and fly an unmanned aircraft to complete missions defined by AIAA and to win the competition in Spring.


Robotics Team
Sooner Competitive Robotics (SCR)

SCR is an umbrella organization for all competitive robotics happening at OU. We have many teams with challenges ranging from basic to advanced that compete across the country, including Mercury and IGVC. We meet in Bench Lab 2 in the REPF basement.

Sooner Off Road Team
Sooner Off-Road (SOR)

Sooner Off-Road is an engineering competition team that designs, builds, and races an off-road vehicle every year in a competition against teams from across the nation and world. Our mission is to provide engineering students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn in the classroom to real-life engineering projects, to build engineering experience and provide them with skills to succeed in an engineering career. Our team is mostly composed of mechanical engineers, but is open to all majors; no prior experience necessary.

Sooner Racing Team
Sooner Racing Team (SRT)

The Sooner Racing Team is an engineering competition team which designs, builds, and races a formula-style racecar each year as a part of the Formula SAE competition series. Our members constantly strive to improve every aspect of our car and team. We take pride in our work, and constantly push the boundaries set before us. Our members are passionate about engineering, learning, and competing to be the best. Most of all, we love what we do: building racecars!


Sooner Rover Team
Sooner Rover Team

The Sooner Rover Team designs, fabricates, and tests a rover to compete in the University Rover Challenge each Summer. Our organization is comprised of engineering majors from across the GCOE, as well as geology and business members.

Steel Bridge Team
Steel Bridge

The annual Steel Bridge Competition is organized by the American Institute of Steel Construction. Students are challenged to create a scale model steel bridge and are responsible to plan, organize, design, construct, and finish the bridge throughout the year. The planning and designing process usually takes place in the fall semester for the OU team and the construction and competition are usually in the spring term.

CEPF Student Resources

Joining a Competition Team

To join a competition team, students are expected to contact the teams they are interested in joining and then complete forms and attend a safety training session, scheduled by their specific team.  Team contact information can be found above.

After joining the team, you will need to take the quiz and complete your forms,.  A link to the quiz and forms is kept and distributed by competition team leadership.  It is required that all students complete the safety quiz and forms prior to working on competition projects, regardless if they are new or returning members.

To pass the REPF Safety Quiz, students will need to earn a 90%.  This is a quiz covering all of the material in our REPF safety manual.  If the quiz is failed, the student will be given the opportunity to try again.  Upon passing the quiz, students will need to complete the virtual REPF Use forms.  These include the Waiver and Release of Liability, the Medical Form and Release, and the OU Talent Release form.  These forms are FERPA compliant.  Students must complete these forms to get credit for completing the quiz.

Once done, the student will need to join a virtual training session hosted by the Engineering Practice Coordinator.  These sessions are requested by team leadership for new members.  Returning teams members who completed their safety training last year will not be required to do safety training again.

Gaining Card Swipe Access to Bays

To gain card swipe access, students will need to request it through their team leadership.  Students must pass the REPF Safety Quiz, complete their REPF Use Forms, safety training, and be active with the team, consistently participating in team activities, to gain access.  Card swipe access can be revoked if a student is no longer active with the team as determined by team leadership.

Team leadership request card swipe access for individual members on their team that meet the above criteria plus any additional requirements imposed by the team.  Most students will not need swipe access to the bays to be a member of the team.  Please contact your team leadership if you are interested in gaining card swipe access to your bay.

Machine Shop Training and Use

All machines in the shop require training to use.  In order to be trained on the machines, students must do the following:

  1. Be a member of a competition team by passing the safety quiz, completing the REPF Use forms, attending a safety training, and be an active member of the team..
  2. Team leadership will request machine training for members from shop personnel.
  3. Member will work three hours with the shop personnel per machine on the machine they wish to use.

Machine shop is only available during staffed hours.  Students will not be given card swipe access to the machine shop.

Competition Team Resources

For reference, a copy of the REPF Safety Manual is available below.  A physical copy is also available in the machine shop.

If your competition team is traveling or testing a project, you will need to fill out the appropriate forms.  When performing an offsite test, at least 24 hour notice must be given to the REPF Coordinator via the Offsite Testing Form.  You can access this form below.

If you need to use the REPF vehicle when traveling, you can access the REPF Vehicle Request Form below.   This form must be filled out at least one week prior to travel.  Additionally, the REPF Vehicle Policy is listed below.

For travel, students will need to fill out the digital travel forms.  All students are required to complete the first set of forms, which they will obtain from passing the safety exam.  Students that are driving, traveling by air, providing a personal vehicle, or going internationally will need to complete the second set of form.  To access these second forms, team leaders will need to alert REPF staff during the PMAP process.

Contact Us

Jimmy Cannon

Jimmy Cannon

Engineering Practice Coordinator
(405) 325-6844
REPF Machine Shop

Jeff Biggerstaff

Jeff Biggerstaff

Engineering Student Life Coordinator
(405) 325-4724
REPF 232