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Debt-Free Teachers

In order to recruit and retain the nation’s best students, the College has established a Debt Forgiveness Program for incoming teacher education students.

Prospective Applicants

We believe that our students are truly the best and brightest.  To do our part for Oklahoma, we are offering debt-forgiveness to outstanding students who choose to teach in Oklahoma in high-need areas.

Current Recipients

In order to provide ongoing support for our outstanding alumni, students are eligible to receive debt-forgiveness payments for up to 4 years after their graduation.   

Recipients in Teach Off

We have now commenced a $10 million scholarship campaign focused on student debt-forgiveness. This program will specifically assist students who commit to teaching in Oklahoma in high-need areas.

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Debt-Free Teachers

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In order to provide Oklahoma schoolchildren with the best possible education, the Rainbolt College is investing in our student's education.

Specifically, we have established a Debt-Forgiveness Program, a merit and need based assistance initiative directed toward outstanding students in the College with significant debt associated with their education.  This fund will target high need areas in Oklahoma education in order to recruit and retain the nation’s best students.  For each year they teach in the state—up to four years—up to $5,000 of their student loans will be forgiven.

Learn How To Apply Here

How it Works: Win, Win, Win!

As a student, you apply to our program. If accepted, once you graduate, you teach in a mutually agreed-upon high-need area of education in Oklahoma and we foot the bill for up to $20,000 of your student qualifying loans. 

As a Debt-Free Graduate, you keep us updated on your status as a high-quality teacher in a high-need area in Oklahoma and we pay up to $5,000 of your student loans for up to four years after you graduate.

You win as a student and a graduate (double win), and Oklahoma wins by keeping our excellent graduates in the state focused on high-need areas of education.