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Caroline Schroeder

Caroline T. Schroeder

Caroline T. Schroeder

Classics and Letters


Dr. Caroline (Carrie) T. Schroeder is Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and a core Professor in the Arts & Sciences Data Scholarship Program.  As a Fellow at DISC, Schroeder helps direct professional development in digital and data-oriented Humanities scholarship. She leads grantwriting workshops in partnership with the Center for Faculty Excellence and co-facilitates a Digital Humanities community of practice in partnership with the Arts and Humanities Forum. (Faculty, staff, and graduate students interested in joining the DH community of practice should please email for more information.) Schroeder's scholarship includes co-directing the digital project Coptic Scriptorium, which develops tools for processing the Coptic language (the last phase of the ancient Egyptian language family) and Coptic literature. She conducts research on other digital cultural heritage issues, including text analysis and ethics in digital humanities research.