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Learning Sciences

Learning Sciences

Learning Sciences Ph.D.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Learning Sciences will provide you with the theoretical perspectives, practical knowledge and deep understanding of research methodology necessary to successfully conduct independent research in a variety of fields related to the Learning Sciences.



Class NumberClass NameCredit Hours
Research Core
EIPT 5023Quantitative Analysis I3
EIPT 6023Quantitative Analysis II3
EIPT 6043Qualitative Research Methods I3
EIPT 6203Instrument Development3
 Two courses in quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods
Learning Sciences Core
EIPT 6101Propaedeutic Seminar1
EIPT 6143Instructional Development
EIPT 6183Cognition and Instruction3
EIPT 5533Foundations of Learning Sciences
EIPT 6980Research Doctoral Dissertation
 Elective chosen from the following menus. Other electives with advisor approval.53-59
Class NumberClass TitleCredit Hours
 Learning Design Courses 
EIPT 6143Instructional Development3
EIPT 6343Design of Learning Environments3
EIPT 6433Theories, Pedagogies, and Tools for Online Learning3
EIPT 6523Visual Literacy and Digital Development for Learning3
EIPT 6533Development for Learning with Digital Technologies
EDAH 5513Management of the Training Function3
Class NumberClass TitleCredit Hours
 Methodology Courses
EIPT 5033Introduction to Research and Evaluation in Education3
EIPT 5203Assessment and Evaluation in Education and Counseling3
EIPT 6063Applied Multivariate Statistics in Educational Research3
EIPT 6083Qualitative Research Methods II3
EIPT 6203Instrument Development3
EIPT 6223Mixed-Methods Research3
EIPT 6703Program Evaluation3
EIPT 6713Structural Equation Modeling
EIPT 6970Hierarchial Linear Modeling
Class NumberClass TitleCredit Hours
 Theory Courses
EIPT 5643Motivated Change3
EIPT 5663Critical Literacy
EIPT 6153Motivation and Emotion3
EIPT 6183Cognition and Instruction3
Class NumberClass TitleCredit Hours
 Teaching and Learning Courses
EIPT 5513Intro to Teaching with Technology3
EIPT 5613Classroom Management in the 21st Century3
EIPT 5623Research into Practice3
EIPT 5653Technology and Social Media in Education3
EIPT 5973Design-based Research3
EDSP 5013Special Education Instructional Methods and Programs3
EDSP 5183Advanced Assessment in Special Education3
EDSP 5413Theories in the Education of Exceptional Children3
EDS 5003School and Society3
EDS 6973History of US Education3

I think the biggest thing [that differentiates OU] is it's a research educational institute. Adding your brick to the wall of knowledge. They come together really excited to help you find something that is of interest but that will result in some research that is valuable.

-Rita Murray, 1999 M.Ed., 2012 Ph.D.
Owner, Performance Consulting, LLC

It's really practical and applicable, doesn't shoehorn you into a situation of "this is the one thing I'm really good at now." One where there's a job waiting at the end of it. There are things you can do unique to this degree at the other end.

-Matthew Reyes, 2017 Ph.D.
University of Oklahoma, College of Architecture

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the program because it allowed me to focus on what I really wanted to get my PhD in, which was pedagogy and motivation.

-Robin Roberson, 2014 Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, East Central University

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