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Science of Psychology, Data, and Research in Education

Science of Psychology, Data, and Research in Education Ph.D.

Our program bridges the fields of educational psychology, research design, and data analytics. We seek to introduce students to cutting edge theoretical and methodological frameworks to make an impact in a wide array of educational contexts. Our program prepares students for a range of careers that may include higher education faculty and/or administration, program evaluation and psychological test development, and research design and data analysis within educational or business settings. Students in our program learn about cognition and motivation, the psychology of learning, quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, and measurement and assessment.



The Doctor of Philosophy in Science of Psychology, Data, and Research in Education will provide you with the theoretical perspectives, practical knowledge and deep understanding of research methodology necessary to successfully conduct independent research in a variety of fields and contexts.

The Doctorate in Science of Psychology, Data, and Research in Education prepares you to:

  • Apply the latest developments in Educational Psychology and Research to investigate experiences and generate solutions in – P-12 schools, institutions of higher education, museums, workplaces, as well as non-profits and other agencies.
  • Create assessments of instructional outcomes in a variety of formats and apply assessment findings to program evaluation and continual improvement.
  • Engage in basic and applied research in the field of educational psychology and apply findings across an array of contexts.

Program Details

The doctorate program of study is highly flexible and customizable. We have designed the course sequence to accommodate full-time students AND part-time students. The program requires 90 credits. Up to 36 credits from a master’s degree can be transferred and counted towards the degree.

A doctorate in Science of Psychology, Data, and Research in Education leads to a variety of exciting careers in academic and industry contexts.

Apply to the doctoral program

Course Number
Course Name
EIPT 6043Qualitative Research Methods I
EIPT 6063Applied Multivariate Statistics in Educational Research
EIPT 6153Motivation and Emotion  
EIPT 6073Program Evaluation
EIPT 6203Instrument Development
EIPT 6103History and Philosophy of Educational Psychology and Research
EIPT 6023Analysis of Quantitative Data II
EIPT 6083Qualitative Research Methods II
EIPT 6223Mixed Method Research
EIPT 6033Research Methods in Education
EIPT6183Cognition and Instruction

Electives will be chosen in consultation with your advisor.

Mike Crowson
Associate Professor,
Science of Psychology, Data and Research in Education

Maeghan Hennessey
Associate Professor,
Educational Psychology Chair

Ben Heddy
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies; Associate Professor,
Educational Psychology

Alison Koenka
Assistant Professor,
Educational Psychology

LaShawn Faith Washington
Assistant Professor,
Educational Psychology

With this degree you can pursue the following careers:

  • University Faculty
  • Learning and Development Specialist/Consultant
  • Program Evaluator
  • Educational Researcher
  • Training/Professional Development Specialist
  • Test Developer
  • Learning Program Manager/Director
  • Behavioral Scientists/Strategists
  • Applied Statistical Analyst
  • Client Insights Analyst
  • User Experience Researcher
  • Market Researcher
  • And more ...

Contact Educational Psychology

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Norman, OK 73019-2041

Phone: (405) 325-5974
Fax: (405) 325-6655

Maeghan HennesseyDepartment Chair 325-0624
Cathy Tsiao
Staff 325-5975
Mike JenkinsGraduate Program Specialist 325-4525