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Freshman Admissions (U.S. and International Students)

ou freshman

High school graduates with fewer than seven college hours AFTER high school graduation

Our students get to work side by side with professors and industry leaders on the most cutting-edge research. Many of our programs are ranked top in the nation.



Graduate Student Admissions (U.S. and International Students)

ou freshman

Masters and doctoral degrees, and graduate certificates

OU offers incomparable learning and research opportunities that will prepare you for success in your choice of career. Continue your pursuit of knowledge with the best.



The 2-step admissions process for undergraduate students seeking to enter the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education is explained below. This information applies to students coming to the college from University College as well as those transferring from another college or institution.

I. Admission to the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education (Step 1)

Students at the University of Oklahoma are eligible for admission to the college after they have:

A. a minimum of 24 college-level semester hours earned from an accredited institution of higher learning;

B. a minimum 2.75 combined retention grade point average on all coursework attempted;

C. declared a major in education.

II. Full Admission to a Certification Program (Step 2)

  1. Students seeking full admission to a teacher education program must meet the following criteria:

    __ 30 college-level hours minimum from an accredited institution of higher learning;

    __ 2.75 grade point average (OU retention);

    __ 2.75 grade point average (COMB retention)

  2. 24 hours with a "C" or better:

    __ ENGL 1113 - 3 hours

    ­­__ PSC1113 - 3 hours

    __ ENGL 1213 - 3 hours

    __ BIO/PHYS SCI(Gen Ed Core II) - 3 hours

    __ MATH (Gen Ed Core I) - 3 hours

    __ SOC/PSY/ANTH (1113) - 3 hours (Science Ed majors: please email JRCoE Undergraduate Advising office,, for an approved substitute.)

    __ HIST 1483/1493 - 3 hours

    __ Gen Ed Core IV-AF, WC, NWC; Foreign Language; or other advisor                                                                              approved Gen Ed Course - 3 hours

  3. Take and pass the OGET.

    Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET)

    Speak with your advisor if you have taken and passed the PPST in another State.

  4. Background Check. Students entering a Teacher Preparation program after the August 2013 Full Admission interviews will be charged a $30 Background Check fee which must be paid before they will be fully admitted to the program.

Admission to a teacher education certification program requires meeting particular program requirements, submission of an application and essay, passing OGET exam score, background check, and an interview with program area faculty. Upon successful completion of the interview process, students will be fully admitted to a specific teacher education program and given permission to enroll in education classes.

Admission Checklists

 Full Admission Checklist (PDF)

Academic credit from any division of the University of Oklahoma - Norman campus, Health Sciences Center, OU-Tulsa, or Continuing Education - is considered resident credit at the University of Oklahoma. Grades and hours earned in any of these divisions are included in the OU retention and cumulative grade point averages for purposes of admission or readmission to the University, and to the individual colleges within the University.

Admission requirements are subject to change on an annual basis. For information that applies to you, please consult the degree checksheet in effect at the time of your first enrollment in the state system.


Graduate College Admission Criteria


  • The Graduate Dean governs admission and enrollment in the Graduate College. Except for those in unclassified status, the student must be recommended for admission by an academic unit.
  • All admissions to the Graduate College require that the student hold a baccalaureate degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university.
  • Undergraduates in their final semester at accredited colleges and universities may apply for admission to the Graduate College.

Academic Unit Admission Criteria

  • Many academic units require additional materials such as letters of recommendation and/or test scores before the admission application can be considered.
  • Applicants should consult with the graduate liaison of the academic unit to which they are applying in order to determine these additional requirements.

For information on graduate study in the College of Education, contact one of the following departments:

Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum Admission Information
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Admission Information

Educational Psychology Admission Information

Graduate Programs Support


Certification Only

Please contact the Undergraduate Advising Office:
(405) 325-2238