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Corey Peltier

Corey Peltier Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Corey Peltier

Educational Psychology
Special Education
Phone: (405) 325-5974
Office: Collings Hall 302

Corey Peltier CV (Google Document)

Corey Peltier is an associate professor of special education in the department of educational psychology at the University of Oklahoma. Peltier's research interests include (1) identifying effective interventions and assessment procedures to improve the mathematical outcomes for identified or at-risk for disabilities, (2) methodological considerations when using single-case research designs (see #ScrdChat on Twitter), and (3) the use of systematic reviews and meta-analyses to inform the fields' understanding of effective interventions under specific contexts.

He contributes to The Science of Math (see in an effort to disseminate research-informed recommendations to enhance math instruction and outcomes for students. Also, he is collaborating with Dr. Cian L. Brown to start an open access journal, Single-Case in the Social Sciences, at the University of Oklahoma focused on disseminating research related to the use of single-case research designs.